Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Has Sex With Collie

Is she ‘likable enough’? - The Washington Post:

So here, lodged in the middle of a gigantic fluffy cloud puff piece where the WaPo is desperately trying to win poor crooked Hillary some friends -- even if they must put a pork chop around her neck, we have THIS:
"Clinton’s eyes filled with tears and she said, “It really says I had sex with a collie?” "
I'm guessing she was hurt that they wouldn't at least accuse her of carnal knowledge of a great dane. Perhaps that explains this ... "barkin for love in all the wrong places ..."

If your stomach isn't tuned by this pathetic column, you ought to go into the rendering business. I did make it to THIS though ...
He’s out there spreading the good gospel news, while she carries her scars and develops a kind of fatalism, that it doesn’t matter what she does, they’re still going to attack her.”
I hate to clue them in, but "the good gospel news" isn't all that old Slick Willie is out there spreading. Some of what he is so generous with leaves stains ... on dresses and frilly things,  blue, black, red and otherwise!

Hey, cover her with honey and throw her in a fire anthill, I'm sure they will find her likable enough.

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