Monday, September 19, 2016

Hillary, Sid and Birtherism

Nixon had Hunt, Colson and Liddy -- "The Plumbers", Hillary has Sidney Blumenthal -- that we know of, the Clinton Crime Family (CCF) is a lot more secretive than Nixon was, and at least 10x as paranoid. Hey, Nixon never had ANYONE to compare with "Commander Cue-ball", drag a $50 bill through a trailer park James Carville.

Unlike Benghazi, nobody died in Watergate, and there was just a little tape erased rather than THOUSANDS of emails.

So Trump says Hillary started "the birther thing" -- and there are at least two sources that agree. Not that we are likely to hear much about either.

I'd say that BO -- or a "clerical error" started "the birther thing". Here is HuffPo explaining the fact that a publishers memo for BO's book "Dreams From My Fathers" listed his birthplace as Kenya.  Maybe the publisher was owned by Trump so it was all part of a conspiracy to elect a president so bad  that Trump could take over and blow up the world!

Man that Trump guy is EVIL! I wonder if he has a white cat?

Just imagine if W had been a Democrat and the whole "W was AWOL" -- or whatever the problem with his record as a fighter pilot was supposed to be, and Dan Rather eventually admitted that "heck, I guess he served honorably in the National Guard just like his discharge says".

Not that I'm waiting around for that, but really, how stupid does the media really think we are?

If Fox News had forged a Kenyan birth certificate, got caught, and Bill O'Reily had been forced to resign over the debacle, I'd say "even steven".

The Donald just played them like a fiddle, and they apparently can't even figure out that he is pulling their strings!

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