Friday, September 30, 2016

His Majesty

There may be hope for the future yet. The University of Michigan decided that everyone has the right to "pick their pronoun", and Grant Strobl chose "His Majesty".
“’His Majesty’ is not a pronoun, but neither is zir or zi,” His Majesty told me. “None of them are recognized in the English language. Everything is completely arbitrary now. You can identify as anything you want.”
Indeed ... His Majesty has correctly discerned the meaning (or lack thereof) when there are "no rules" and each individual is their own "god" or "king".  "You can identify as anything you want" ... for good and ill.
“If they want me to be tolerant of their pronouns, they have to be tolerant to my new title,” His Majesty said. “Many of the students on campus who call for diversity – they only want diversity for ideas they agree with.”
Ah yes, the crux of the problem with the left ruling order. "Diversity and pronoun choice for me, but NOT for THEE!".

I must admit jealousy for the young mans parents -- but in this vale of tears, they are most likely atheist liberals and saddened beyond measure. Ah, fate ... a last quote from "His Majesty".
“As a Christian, I believe that all lives are valuable,” he told me. “I love all people. And I have no problem with people choosing a designated pronoun.”
Long may he reign!

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