Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How The Clintons Get Away With It

The whole article is well worth the read -- it does a great job of summarizing how the Clintons, DNC and media work together to allow the Clinton Crime Family to continue to operate.
As my colleague Sean Davis notes, here were a few headlines that captured the tone leading up to that Hillary’s new story: 
CNN (Aug. 24, 2016): Clinton’s health is fine, but what about Trump?
New York Post (Sept. 4, 2016): Dr. Drew loses show after discussing Hillary’s health
Washington Post (Sept. 6, 2016): Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?
Sarah Silverman (Sept. 8, 2016): “I think anyone bringing up her health is a fucking asshole” 
That’s how it’s done. When they finally do learn about the lie or the wrongdoing, we can employ an array of weapons to fight back.
Up until the "Pneumonia story" came out, anyone questioning Hillary's health was "a conspiracy theorist, sexist, idiot, etc".

I love the left's sudden interest in history when one of theirs has an issue. When Slick was staining blue dresses, we all had a crash course in Jefferson and Sally Hemings! Now, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, or any past president that had a cold is suddenly something to be discussed. I happen to know that Winston Churchill had pneumonia while in office -- I'm just waiting to hear that from some recent history leftish history buff.

Normally, history is of NO USE to the left -- the latest is always greatest, that is "progressivism". Anything THEIR person does is "old news" a week after it happened -- however an alibi from 200 years ago is reason to ignore poor behavior. "Thomas Jefferson did it too!".

The brains 80% of BOistanis are pretty much mush -- the propaganda has just been being poured on too long and too thickly.

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