Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I've Got the Blue Dress Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton Health: Dishonesty Is Now Established | National Review:

A good article on how the Clinton lie machine and the MSM create the falseness that swirls around the Clinton Crime Family.

It is interesting to revisit the story of the blue dress, since that one went through a couple of "spin cycles".

  1. Dress rumor came out, Clinton camp panicked, hunkered down. 
  2. Time passed while Monica negotiated to get immunity from the fact she had perjured herself saying "there was no relationship". The dress was part of that negotiation. 
  3. Clinton camp decides there is no presidentially stained dress, thinks it is a great idea to use this "crazy story" against the "vast right-wing conspiracy". 
  4. Dress shows up, Clinton credibility shot, BUT, "new story" spun out  -- poor Slick Willie was "entrapped" by Monica -- 21 year old intern "takes advantage" of supposed leader of free world. Being a Clinton means you NEVER take responsibility! 
We see the same pattern here -- anyone who claimed her health was an issue was "a conspiracy theorist", crazy, sexist, etc ... oh, OOPS ... 

A nation not propagandized to the level where 90% of the folks are afraid to utter anything not in lock-step with "The Party" and it's MSM, would laugh out loud at the keystone cop Clintons idiotic crime family. Sure, they kill some people -- but so did Charlie Manson, and that certainly didn't make him a genius! 

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