Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jason Falconer, Michael Brown, Heroes (St Cloud)

Jason Falconer is the Concealed Carry permit holder that ended a pretty obvious Jihadi stabbing rampage in St Cloud MN. I say pretty obvious because the attacker made a reference to "Allah" during the attack and asked someone if they were "Muslim". Governor Dayton and Public Radio have not been able to come up with any possible motive for the rampage, or "tragic incident" ...

"I implore citizens of St. Cloud, and really, citizens throughout Minnesota to rise above this tragic incident and remember our common humanity, and our shared citizenship, and our shared desire to live together peacefully and constructively for the benefit of ourselves, our families and communities," Dayton said.
Here we are, all sharing this wonderful "shared desire", and somebody goes off and starts stabbing people and talking about "Allah" and "Muslim" for no reason at all -- but clearly the attack is completely unrelated to "Allah" and "Muslims".

We all know the name of Michael Brown -- the young black choir boy who was executed in cold blood while holding his hands up and saying "don't shoot"! The horror of this racist execution shocked the nation and started the "Black Lives Matter" organization. Brown's mother has written a book about his execution and the fact that white people created a bunch of lies about the incident -- she was on stage at the Democratic Convention this past summer. 

In the real world, Michael Brown was a huge kid living the thug life who knocked over a convenience store for a few cigars on, then fractured in bone in the officers face trying to get his gun away from him and ended up fatally shot -- it was investigated all the way up in the BO administration and the black Attorney General and the black President went with the "made up white folks story".

Jason Falconer will be pretty much unknown and St Cloud will be forgotten because it doesn't fit any narrative that is useful to "The Party" (TP-D) and it's wholly owned media. The linked article is well worth a read. We have imported and grown more than  enough Muslims already for us to have an increasing number of bombings, shootings, stabbings, etc where "Allah" is mentioned -- even thought TP is careful to tell us that "Islam has nothing to do with it".

It turns out that the mall at which the incident happened is SUPPOSED to be a "gun free zone", and technically, Falconer was breaking the law by carrying. I'm guessing that fact will get VERY little coverage, but why not?

Well, because the TP narrative is;

More guns make people less safe. You are safer in a  place with a sign that says "no guns" than you are in a place without such a sign. People that think a gun could possibly make them safer are being mislead by the NRA and the gun industry.   
Islam is a religion of peace and there is nothing we need to do to better control immigration of Muslims nor to watch any of the existing Muslim population for signs of radicalization. Anyone who suggests otherwise is racist, islamophobic, and not a real American.
We all know the narrative, and that narrative will go on -- just like Black Lives Matter and the "Michael Brown was a victim" narrative. Those are TP narratives -- they keep blacks in the TP vote column at something like a 95% rate. BOistan is run by TP, their narratives win.

"Heroism" is not something that TP is comfortable with. It smacks of individualism and individual training, action and responsibility. TP is about BIG government, big bureaucracy, "you didn't build that", collectivism, "Stronger Together". "Heroism" to TP is about things like your sexual preference or your gender -- "being open and honest", "standing up for your rights", "speaking out against Trump" ... that sort of thing.

Guys like Falconer are not something to be encouraged at all, and in fact, are downright scary! Oh, TP may say a couple nice things for a bit because they feel they HAVE to, but their narrative is still "gun free zones" and eventually a gun free country.

Michael Brown is a TP "hero". Jason Falconer is a name to be forgotten ASAP.

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