Saturday, September 10, 2016

Math Is Racist

As we have covered a lot, math is a tool -- as is science and technology. Your hammer doesn't care if it is pounding a nail or crushing a skull. Humans love to anthropomorphize nearly everything (my cat taught me that word).
"I worried about the separation between technical models and real people, and about the moral repercussions of that separation," O'Neill writes.
All tools can be used in the service of good, evil, boredom, etc -- no tool, not math, not science, not your hammer, nor even a computer have any independent consciousness, free will, moral sense, love, hate, etc. An X-ray machine cares not if it provides a perfect picture of a kid's busted arm or delivers a lethal dose of radiation to the youngster.

Some people that use math and models may be racists, the data may show artifacts of modern black culture (drugs, crime, single parent homes, etc), or something in between. I can say for certain that none of the TOOLS are at fault. Free Will is not in the repertoire of a tool.

Data shows a lot of things we like and a lot of things we don't like -- an ultrasound may show us that we are going to be parents or grandparents of a healthy child, or it may show us that we or someone we love has an inoperable mass that is going to kill is. It's just data.

It turns out that liberal management has not been kind to blacks since the 1960's -- we really don't need difficult math or computer models to tell us that. The number or deaths and wounded from gang gunfire in Chicago, Detroit, DC, Memphis, etc on any given weekend in any newspaper can tell us that if we care to look.

It may be lamentable to liberals that no matter what kind of math or models you put on a shit sandwich, it is still a shit sandwich, but eventually, they may actually have to admit that a shit sandwich is what their policies have created for inner city blacks.

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