Thursday, September 08, 2016

Slick Willie Admits He Is Racist

Clinton: “Make America Great Again” Is Racist! | Power Line:

Just go read the linked article. Slick Willie says that saying "Make America Great Again" is racist -- it is something called "dog whistle racism" .

But if you go to the linked article you can see Slick himself saying that Hillary would "Make America Great Again" in 2008 ...

So, if there was one set of standards, Slick would be admitting that he is a racist, but we know there is NOT one set of standards, there are as many as "The Party", TP-D says there are, and they say WHAT they are and WHEN they are.

So Trump is a racist for the same slogan that Slick was not a racist -- and that is the way things work in BOistan.

The link to the "Dog Whistle Politics" book review above explains all this in excruciating detail.

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