Monday, September 12, 2016

TP Resisting Trump

How the government could resist President Trump’s orders - The Washington Post:
In a real sense, this town exists to serve the liberal, constitutional order, and President Trump would face fierce and sustained resistance to his “because I say so” threats to that order — not only from the other party but from his own, and from the nonpartisan civil servants who run the government day to day.
Opposing anyone that is not in "The Party" (TP-D) has been the standard since the 1930s. FDR was opposed to government unions because he thought the opportunity for corruption too large. Today, most of the Federal bureaucrats are unionized and their union is one of big contributors to TP -- a rather cozy deal.

When a "liberal" is in the WH, then any concerns of the "constitution" are the fact that it was written by "old white guys" and is "reactionary". Federal union workers that are 90%+ members of TP are "non-partisan"? Oh, that must be why they can be counted on to fight Trump!
Federal workers are in a strong position to resist. One scientist who has spent 35 years at the Environmental Protection Agency (and who asked to speak on the condition of anonymity to discuss political matters) said that after the “hostile takeover” of the agency under Ronald Reagan, career folks initially tried to work with political appointees. But when they concluded that they were really being asked to break laws on water, air and waste, they began complaining to Democrats on Capitol Hill, who held oversight hearings. “And there was a certain amount of setting the political people up,’’ the scientist said, by telling House staffers preparing the hearings what questions to ask and then watching Reagan’s appointees get “slaughtered.”
As we can see, the idea of "The Party" resisting anyone that is non-TP is not new at all. As I wrote before, one thing we can count on is that Trump will have LOTS of resistance!

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