Saturday, September 24, 2016

WaPo: US Wrong In Syria

The WaPo says the United States is wrong in Syria -- but not BO or Kerry! No, they are NEVER wrong -- nor can they POSSIBLY be responsible for disaster!
“Little by little, life will make everyone understand that it’s only together that you can fight terrorism,” Lavrov said. 
His comments, alongside the events of the past week, suggest that Russia and Syria still believe the war can be won outright, without recourse to negotiations that the United States has said offer the only way out of the Syrian tragedy.
"life will make you understand" -- indeed, reality is a stern teacher, but not if the stooges that create the policies fail to realize that they are responsible for the policies they put in place! 

Folks like the WaPo just can't face up to the fact that BO has bee WRONG -- here, there, EVERYWHERE! Most grievously wrong!

It is as plain to see as anything ever will be -- but they refuse to see it.

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