Saturday, October 29, 2016

Liberal Family Tradition

James Comey Broke with Loretta Lynch and Justice Department Tradition - The New Yorker:

I am SHOCKED, shocked I say, to see that Democrats have suddenly discovered that they are HUGE respecters of tradition! How wonderful!

It would be great if we could "all get along" and still have freedom and liberty. In human history, comity was manufactured by the intimidation of the weaker to follow the stronger or SHUT UP!  and if they failed to comply, banishing or killing them. China, North Korea, Cuba and Islamic states still follow this time honored tradition.

The widespread belief in Christianity coupled with Greek philosophy provided a framework on which Western civilization was able to arrive at a set of transcendent beliefs that were shared by 80-90% of all educated people. Even better, those beliefs allowed for not only not killing the 10-20% that did not agree, but had a bias toward allowing their beliefs and even LOVING them in spite of their not agreeing on basic tenets of an extremely large group. Those values were what made "Western civilization" more that just a "big tribe".

While transcendence is about more than reason, in the Western case, reason, coupled with "The Enlightenment" was the base from which the democratic republics sprang. In the US, the church was separate from the state, but it's existence was assumed -- as Adams said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other".

Without even a tiny attempt at consistency, there can be no reason nor truth. Democrats have ZERO respect for tradition in reality. The base bedrock of humanity -- marriage, gender, respect for life, private property, free speech, the Golden Rule,  or the right to bear arms. Not a single element of the strongest of traditions and codified law in human history is so much as a momentary consideration to the left as they steamroller all of them and treat anyone believing in tradition as "racist, sexist, homophobic, reactionary, etc".

"Liberals" DO have one gigantic "tradition". It is the tradition of having only one consistent principle -- POWER!!! On all else, they twist in the wind -- usually being wholly against any mention of "tradition" as they trample the sacred into the mud as if it were yesterdays garbage. But nearly as important to their efforts as complete INconsistency, is their ability to be completely shameless. They have no compunction at all to trot out "tradition" when it suits them as if it was actually something they were concerned about!

We can't "get along", because one of the supposed "American" parties as sworn allegiance to BOistan and as it has been for years now, it is TOTALLY obvious that they will stop at NOTHING to achieve total control and begin the operation of cleansing BOistan of all who disagree with their world view.

The left has one "tradition" that is "sacred" -- totally and utterly destroy your opposition  by any and all means possible. The more bloody and painful, the better.

I'm reminded of Hank Williams Jr -- listen to the following and consider "why do we kill and imprison?" ...

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Democrat Dog Found Alive

Trump supporter charged with voting twice in Iowa - The Washington Post:

In a nation with a lick of common sense, nobody but a worthless party hack would even try to peddle a story this stupid, let alone a supposedly "major news outlet"  -- it is a case of the old saw of "a man accused of killing 3 men and a dog, promptly produces the dog alive".

Democrat vote fraud is old and well understood -- the Daley machine in Chicago was especially egregious, but it is "Bad, and Nationwide" (the song is just entertainment, otherwise unrelated).

So, unsurprisingly, the official position of the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) is usually that "there is no such thing as voter fraud" ... see scholarly article here. Since "there is no such thing", we need no voter id, where we MUST have a picture ID to for example "mail a UPS package". Ballots can be mailed all over, even a couple months before the election.

Oh, but wait, some poor disoriented Trump supporter in IA has been found engaging in "voter fraud". I've run into snowbirds that pioneered absentee ballots, because "they lived in both places" -- all the state offices were different anyway, and they "voted for the same top of the ticket so it didn't matter". It is pretty clear to anyone that cares about fair elections that there are millions of cases of voter fraud in BOistan every election, and there used to be in the US as well. At least 90% of them happen to be Democrat -- but their standard position is "it doesn't exist" -- except if you find a disoriented Trump supporter to make an example out of.

It's a new nation -- apparently they are experimenting a bit more with the idea of claiming there is no DEMOCRAT voter fraud, while at the same time deciding to cast aspersions on the votes of the opposition.

Old technique, new area -- deficit in opposition administration? HUGE problem. Democrat? Probably not as big a deficit as it should be! Sexual harassment by Democrat? Oxymoron, never happens. Opposition? The only way that anyone could NOT believe in any accusation wholeheartedly is if they are a misogynist!

We could go on for pages -- BOistan is a world with no actual reality, only "political reality".

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Hillary Winning With WWI Vets -- Bringing the Country Together

I've heard that for the Civil War, the Democrat vote is now 97% from BOTH SIDES! Talk about "bringing the country together".!

The black vote, the felon vote, the Undocumented Democrat vote (formerly" Illegal Alien"), ALL 97% ... just like  scientists and Global Warming!
(Yes, I DO know that "Duffle Blog" is like "The Onion", but in order to be funny, something has to have some shred of truth -- and sadly, we all know that it does. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hillary Weinered!

Did Huma Commit Perjury? | Power Line:

The truth is indeed MUCH stranger than we could ever imagine it to be. It truly is not what you know, but WHO you know. I understand that the left has lost it's capacity for irony, but could there be any two women who have less capability to pick men than  Huma "Mrs Weiner" and Hillary, "Mrs Free Willie"?

Today’s bombshell news, of course, is that the FBI has found a substantial number of emails from Hillary Clinton to Huma Abedin on the computer (desktop, I assume) that Huma shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner. The FBI was examining the computer’s hard drive to investigate whether Weiner had conducted a crime by sexting with an underage girl. Imagine the astonishment of a tech guy at the FBI who found, not only Weiner’s illicit texts, but a trove of emails from Hillary Clinton.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thomas Being Replaced On Court?

About the groping allegations against Justice Thomas [With Comment by John] | Power Line:

The left is positively giddy about their prospects. They expect a Hildebeast landslide, taking the Senate and maybe even the House!!! If their dreams play out, we are likely to see a completely new era.

Why NOT have a flurry of allegations against Clarence Thomas? Trying to adjudicate the "he groped me 17 years ago" is impossible. The democrat women and the media line up and say "women don't make these things up, if she says it happened, IT HAPPENED. If you disagree, you are a misogynist"!

What more is needed? Remove him from the court and a thorn in the side of the left is gone under a cloud -- OH HAPPY DAY!

The age of the woman president is upon us -- let the women rise up and smite whomever they find to be objectionable!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BOcare Fails, Friends With Benefits

I understand that only an idiot would think that Trump still has any chance. I was CERTAINLY there for all of 2015, and into 2016. Even though I hedged a bit, I was sucked into "ding, dong, Trump is dead" on April 13th

The media is absolutely certain that Trump is dead -- so much so that WaPo is willing to point out the obvious. BOcare is a giant failure, and like Romney on Russia, the Republicans were right.
This would be big news at any point in this election: The signature achievement of the outgoing Democratic president appears to be fulfilling many of the doom and gloom predictions Republicans made when the law passed. Costs are rising for many. Major insurers — like Aetna — are dropping out. And the law, which has never been terribly popular, isn't faring any better in most credible polling these days.
I will not give up hope for Trump until he concedes -- certainly NOT because I "like him", nor even because I believe that he would be "good for BOistan", whatever the hell that means.

Pretty much, I would just enjoy listening to MPR the morning after should he win.

Do I "think he will win", "do I care"? These are both really hard questions at this point in my life -- I truly loved America. It's ideas, it's vision, it's values -- I am so lucky to have grown up in that once great nation.

I know I will never be part of BOistan -- I now know what a true "alien" feels like. Undocumented Democrats (formerly "illegal aliens")  in  BOistan at least agree with the tenets of BOistan ... no law, no morality, no borders, no shared values ... just a "territory with benefits", similar to the modern  male / female relationship of "friends with benefits (sex)".

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Headline Hugging And Kissing

Latest Trump accuser says he hugged, kissed her without permission -

People that have not spent time in corporate BOistan are not aware that "sexual harassment" is ENTIRELY in the eye of the accuser. If the accuser says "you were staring at me", that is sexual harassment and it is treated seriously. In my case, a female employee felt "harassed" because she was not included in the planning for a bachelor party of another employee. That earned me a trip to a middle man agers office and the news that my record at IBM now included a charge of "sexual harassment".

The sexual harassment law is completely about power. We always had laws against rape and assault, but sexual harassment gives a new level of power to women that is unprecedeneted in human history. "Hate Speech" does the same -- the mere charge if "I heard someone yell the N*word" can be raised against a group like the Tea Party and it is taken extremely seriously.

Power is about asymmetry. We certainly see that there is nothing that Trump supporters can be called that is "hate speech". In fact, even when an Islamic person attacks and kills tens of people, it is not only not a "hate crime", and it is immoral and "narrow minded" to suggest that their race or religion was a factor in their attack.

A mark of BOistan is how the asymmetry of law works. For women or minorities making charges against  a member of "The Party" (TP-D) -- like Slick Wille, even serious charges like rape or assault are treated as "suspect, unproven, probably politically motivated" if they see the light of day at all. When the tables are turned, any charge -- "hugging and kissing a decade ago", or the asserted hearing of an offensive word are deadly serious, in fact "headline news".

And so it goes in BOistan. In America, equality of TREATMENT of people before the law was a major part of what made America exceptional. In BOistan, UNequal treatment is a major part of the power of TP in all aspects of life.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

You Will Say What You Are Told

U of T prof told to use gender pronouns students want | Toronto & GTA | News | T:

Thou shalt speak as the political class tells you to speak.
These laws are the first laws that I’ve seen that require people under the threat of legal punishment to employ certain words, to speak a certain way, instead of merely limiting what they’re allowed to say,” Peterson said. “So the law’s put words into our mouths.”
Laws to tell you what you MUST say and laws to tell you want you CAN'T say. What could be simpler. You can't say "the N word" ... it is "hate speech".

You MUST call those who define a new pronoun by the word they request. Does this include "His Majesty"?

No doubt even thinking such is soon to be punishable. In BOistan you MUST buy health insurance! What problem is there with telling you what you MUST say?

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You Will Say What You Are Told

U of T prof told to use gender pronouns students want | Toronto & GTA | News | T:

Thou shalt speak as the political class tells you to speak.
These laws are the first laws that I’ve seen that require people under the threat of legal punishment to employ certain words, to speak a certain way, instead of merely limiting what they’re allowed to say,” Peterson said. “So the law’s put words into our mouths.”
Laws to tell you what you MUST say and laws to tell you want you CAN'T say. What could be simpler. You can't say "the N word" ... it is "hate speech".

You MUST call those who define a new pronoun by the word they request. Does this include "His Majesty"?

No doubt even thinking such is soon to be punishable. In BOistan you MUST buy health insurance! What problem is there with telling you what you MUST say?

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Politifact Mostly Biased

Got that?

Now if you are a "liberal",  here are some of the thoughts probably going through your head:

  • If I go look at the two articles I could find SOME reason that it really isn't biased! 
  • "Conservatives" really HATE fact checking -- simple mistake, not big enough to matter, doesn't prove anything. 
  • Pure anger -- I'm not going to look at this stuff! People that put up things like this purely to cast doubt on people who deal in FACTS are NOT the kind of people that I choose to associate with! 
There are thousands of ways to ignore, discount and rationalize things we don't like. We ALL do that -- I certainly don't trust myself to be unbiased, because I KNOW I am biased. By realizing that universal fact -- that ALL are biased, we can possibly barely begin to "all get along". 

My view is that is not actually possible without belief in a "higher power" that puts the issues of this world in perspective. In my case, that is Christ, and I really can't imagine another that would be even so close in being effective to eliciting the desire to love even our enemies. 

Having a belief in SOMETHING that transcends "you in this moment" is worthy, even if it can't be Christ. Without such a belief, our current culture is all about me, me, me, and now, now, now.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nixon, Gore, Trump -- "Stuff" Flows Downhill

In defense of Al Gore | Power Line:

The linked article defends Al Gore as having "every reason to contest the election", which of course he did.

So did Nixon in '60. Nixon likely had a better chance of winning than Gore did, and of exposing some nasty voter fraud in the process, but he did not contest the election so Americans were allowed to believe the country was less corrupt than it already was for awhile longer.

Both Kennedy and LBJ also had their version of "The Plumbers" (and worse), as had probably every president back to at least Teddy Roosevelt, and likely beyond.

What Nixon, and the presidents before him had that neither modern candidates or the general public has today, was "respect for the office, and love for the country" -- as did the media, people in congress, and the public in general. It seems fitting that Nixon, a man who held the fiction that the presidency and the process of winning it needed to be "above reproach" and was willing to put his not insignificant ambitions aside to protect it, was also the point at which "The Party" (TP-D) decided that they would take him down -- and of course the presidency with him.

Republicans, always the ones who believe like Lucy that TP "is really playing honest this time", naturally went along, which is what REALLY took down Nixon. Fast forward to Slick Willie, walking the halls of power with his pants around his knees, and TP lined up to "damn the corruption, JUST WIN BABY!".

So Al Gore followed suit relative to "the process" -- arguing the election was invalid. Power Line thinks Trump has "a right" to do "the same thing" -- and clearly TP does NOT think he has that right.

The point however is that "Stuff" flows downhill! Nixon was willing to "put the office and the country first" -- and was rewarded by TP by being destroyed with a lot of collateral damage to the country and the office. TP naturally doesn't care about that -- POWER is their only concern.

Slick Willie took us down another level, and TP was there to allow him to do it. Shortly after, Gore ratcheted us down yet another -- completely overturning that Nixonian ideal of "country / office before personal ambition". Naturally, TP was fine with that -- and many in TP continued to call W "illegitamate" during his entire term, further damaging both the office and the nation.

BO established the "standard" that anyone can truly be president -- no executive experience necessary. Trump is a GIANT of executive experience next to BO!

The next ratchet down will be WORSE than Gore! Maybe it will be Trump that says that millions of illegals voted (who could tell?), ballot boxes were stuffed, etc. Perhaps the country can be without a successor for many months -- or maybe years as things drag out in a 4 to 4 court and who knows what kind of fractured congress.

The ratchet has been grinding downward since at least Wilson. America was a truly great nation -- it took a long time to kill it, but TP has clearly gotten the job done!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hildebeast -- Can't We Just Drone Him?

The Ron Paul article is worth a read as well. I think we already live where Paul is concerned we "might" live.
Assange’s fate, whatever it turns out to be, limns our own: if he goes down, then, in a sense, so do we all. Because what that means is that there’s no room for truth-tellers in our world, and no tolerance for heroes. And that’s not the kind of world I care to live in.

Sorry Ron, you live in BOistan, and it is already "that kind of world".

Oh, and Snopes considers the leak "unproven" (they likely still wonder about Alger Hiss),  goes through a long attempt to obfuscate it, and gives the "ultimate denial" from Hildebeast at the end ... "If I said it, it was a joke"!

Gotta love it! They certainly give Trump credit for the "it was a joke" in off the cuff remarks don't they? This would have been a "joke" at a State Department meeting, and if you read the whole thing it sounds like it went on for a bit more!

Does ANYONE honestly not see Hildebeast saying this? Oh, I know, "The Party" and her defenders won't admit it, but if they listen to Darth, I think we ALL know the truth!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Breaking Down Your Door For Speech Still Illegal for Moment

As I covered in a few posts, most notably this one, WI liberals decided it was a good idea to break down people's doors in the early AM on "suspicion of collusion" relative to Walker and PAC money. You know, the kind of "collusion" that the NY Times, MPR, WaPO, CNN, NBC, CBS ... do every single day! In California they have even made this charge "guilty unless proven innocent" in direct violation of UN human rights law, which the US is a cosigner of! 

So for the moment, such attacks are still illegal ...

"The appeal was a long shot because the case concerned a matter of Wisconsin law. But the relentless persistence of the left in trying to prosecute political speech shows what could happen if the U.S. Supreme Court gets a five-judge liberal majority. The progressive censors will gin up cases to overturn legal precedents like Citizens United and SpeechNow v. FEC that have made it harder for government to regulate who can join with allies to influence elections."
If it was going to be "harder for both sides", one might lament the loss of freedom, but be able to at least tell themselves "it will help keep big money out of politics". As it is, it is a highly visible move to single party rule as TP owns 80% of the media, entertainment, education, the legal system and both the federal and state bureaucracies.

The Party has complete freedom of speech and all the money it needs to blanket everyone with it's message. For the moment, they can't put the opposition in jail quite for doing the same quite as easily as they would like, but one can plainly see it from here.

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Illegal To View Wikileaks

Perhaps the age of Hildebeast has dawned early. See, if the leak is about "The Party" (TP-D), then it is illegal, immoral, cowardly, likely fake,  and very probably a felony for a citizen to look at it.

If it is about the opposition, it is courageous, truth to power, honorable, and all must be made aware of it it and assume it's veracity!

We really DO all understand this now -- it is just the early stages of seeing TP actually say it directly.

"” Also interesting is, remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents,” Cuomo says. “It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us.”"
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

T S Eliot on

The linked essay is not very long, but quite difficult -- at least to me. The overall effect it had on me is related to the current force of the the collective present "you didn't build that" in the attempt to destroy the idea of "individual effort", and the related (and largely successful) focus to cut off the "now" from the past so fully that only a tiny minority of people in the present have even a tiny awareness of the richness of the culture and tradition that made this present but dying world possible.

It might be said that it is dying of "natural causes" in that it requires at least some level of effort for even a genius to be aware of the richness of the past that made the present exist. The decision to willfully cut ourselves off from the massive collective triumphs and failures of history, and at the same time create an ethos in which the individual of the present is devalued except in relation to an imaginary collective of the present -- and ever the present, moment, bereft of even the events of very recent years. This may be "natural", but it is not culture nor civilization.

I say "imaginary collective", because what passes for some vast "collective wisdom of the present" is really only the "story of the day" ... whose "value" is only relative to whatever today's narrative is from the vast manipulative organs of the "The Party".

Thus, there is NOTHING "timeless" ... all is temporal, and temporal only in the sense of NOW, meaning this minute. So, at this minute, I went to and was completely unsurprised to find the very organization named to "Move On" from any "distractions" relative to sexual harassment by Bill Clinton engaged in disqualifying Trump based on ... allegations of past harassment charges!

TODAY, the "values" are completely changed -- and that is perfectly in tune with the operation of "the Party". There is no history at all -- even of the past hour. The vast bulk of the populace knows nothing but the moment, because that is the way "The Party" finds the most effective to attaining their goals.

The whole essay is well worth the time -- the following is just a snippet that captures a bit of what has befallen us.

" Yet if the only form of tradition, of handing down, consisted in following the ways of the immediate generation before us in a blind or timid adherence to its successes, “tradition” should positively be discouraged. We have seen many such simple currents soon lost in the sand; and novelty is better than repetition. Tradition is a matter of much wider significance. It cannot be inherited, and if you want it you must obtain it by great labour. It involves, in the first place, the historical sense, which we may call nearly indispensable to anyone who would continue to be a poet beyond his twenty-fifth year; and the historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence; the historical sense compels a man to write not merely with his own generation in his bones, but with a feeling that the whole of the literature of Europe from Homer and within it the whole of the literature of his own country has a simultaneous existence and composes a simultaneous order. This historical sense, which is a sense of the timeless as well as of the temporal and of the timeless and of the temporal together, is what makes a writer traditional. And it is at the same time what makes a writer most acutely conscious of his place in time, of his contemporaneity."
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Actually it was BO himself who made the role model remark, but the point is simple. When POWER is your only "morality", hypocrisy is impossible. There is nobody in the elite of TP that has any problem with Trump's behavior, it is all and purely politics.

The memory of the sheep in BOistan is so amazingly short, and the propaganda so thick, that they are scarcely able to remember anything beyond what the media told them to think in the last hour.

The following is from Wikipedia:
The domain name was registered on September 18, 1998 by computer entrepreneurs Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, the married cofounders of Berkeley Systems, an entertainment software company known for the flying toaster screen saver and the popular video game series You Don’t Know Jack. After selling the company in 1997, Blades and Boyd became concerned about the level of "partisan warfare in Washington" following revelations of President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. [2] The MoveOn website was launched initially to oppose the Republican-led effort to impeach Clinton. Initially called "Censure and Move On," it invited visitors to add their names to an online petition stating that "Congress must Immediately Censure President Clinton and Move On to pressing issues facing the country."
So 18 years ago, "The Party" (TP-D) decided that even after "feminism" and countless hours of employees being lectured that "sexual harassment is whatever the woman FEELS is harassment", as with any other law, TP was above it. "The law" is just one more thing for TP to use for it's own political purposes, while it's own members in good standing are able to be completely immune to it. MoveOn was one of the mouthpieces to make this truth clear to the sheeple on the issues of sexual harassment, rape, etc.

The really sad part of this is that the natural moral sense of Christians and Conservatives can be used against them so transparently. When MoveOn was founded, they were "prudes, scolds and hypocrites" -- ANY sexual  matter that could be dug up on a Republican, was grounds on which their opinion on Slick was totally dismissed as "hypocrisy". People with moral standards are always beset by hypocrisy -- TP has the ultimate solution, no morals ... just POWER!

No matter what charge was brought against Slick, "it had nothing to do with the important job of the presidency" ... and we desperately needed to "Move on". It was shouted from every corner -- "The  French were laughing at us" for our "prudish attitudes on men in power". That always makes me change my positions -- nothing like cheese eating surrender monkeys finding a position "laughable" to turn my thinking around!

The true bottom line here is simple. TP has **NO** other concerns than POWER, and Conservatives and Christians DO. Most likely the charges will work, and in this case even better than the DUI "news" about W, brought out the weekend before the election to manipulate it. There is very little doubt it cost him 5-10% nationally -- especially in states like Florida.

It is hard to really care about BOistan. Things like Slick Willie establishing that the president need not be a person of any character or moral standard is exactly what makes either Hildebeast or Trump fully acceptible candidates for tribal chieftain of BOistan. "The standard" here is simply whatever TP decrees to to be.

The only quote I found worthy from the linked article is how far out of touch Paul Ryan is -- we ALREADY LIVE IN BOISTAN !!! Look around you! America was lost thanks to people like Ryan who failed to stand up and strongly oppose BO. Had the Republican party opposed BO half as hard as they oppose Trump, we might still have a country. They are just stopping at nothing to KEEP IT the way they want now.
“In the America they want… government is taken away from the people, and we are ruled by our betters, by a cold and unfeeling bureaucracy that replaces original thinking,” Ryan told an auditorium of students. “It is a place where the government twists the law — and the Constitution itself — to suit its purposes. A place where liberty is always under assault, where passion — the very stuff of life — is extinguished.” 
“That is the America Hillary Clinton wants,” he continued, adding, “If given control of Washington — if given control of Congress — it is the kind of America she will stop at nothing to have."

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Feminism, Clinton, Porn and Trump

Stop Blaming Only Boys For ‘Pornland’:

I've never read 50 Shades of Gray ... only read enough about it to suspect that I don't need to. I believe that somewhere between Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, 50 Shades, and this article we see the fullness of the fruits of feminism.

My jaded view of feminism has something like the following points:
  1. Anything men can do, women can do better. 
  2. A woman needs a man like a submarine needs a screen door 
  3. Women should not be some sort of "stand by your man and bake cookies" sort. 
  4. Pretty much everything in western civilization was created to subjugate and rape women. 
  5. Women want and deserve IT ALL, right F**king **NOW**!!! 

Slick Willie was pretty much the pinnacle of feminist power -- women got to decide which guys get to abuse which women and which don't. "Sisters" that failed to understand that Slick was privileged were slut shamed and maligned with self righteous indignity by the "sisterhood" of feminism. It you want to be a "sistah" in feminism, you better learn to dance to the tune that the sistah leaders call. Power was achieved -- it may not quite be the power that most women had imagined, but somehow, earthly power never really is.

Being a sistah means that you know which dominant female is boss, and you bow accordingly. This varies slightly from the male code which says Slick Willie, BO, whatever -- You think you got it? Drop your SS detail and let's see who is the real boss. But I digress -- I realize that is a really poor attitude from the "The Party" (TP-D) perspective -- males are supposed to bow just like women to the superior powers of TP, lest they need to be gunned down in the street like dogs. I may need just a tiny bit more training yet.

This article seems to have discovered that there is a snake in the garden of left wing perfection. Yet again, the problem seems to be those damned males, the young ones in this case. They seem to think that just because there aren't any morals and they get to watch free porn in any quantities they want, that young women ought to provide the same services as female porn-stars. While the article doesn't mention it, I can't imagine that Slick getting BJ's in the oval office with impunity, and now Trump admitting that if you are rich and famous enough, women let you pretty much have carte blanche would have any effects on the impressionable youth.

Does anyone REALLY think this is "new"?
While things like responsibility, love, provision, and steadfastness often won’t naturally set a woman’s heart aflutter, social standing and respect do play a role. We, as a society, are quite capable of respecting such traits, and in the past, this is precisely what we did. Men were honored and respected for being good husbands and fathers and young men for possessing traits that would one day make them such, until feminists declared war on such things. 
Instead, we have taught our youth their only responsibility is to follow their own hearts, that love is a flighty emotion that comes and goes like the wind, that provision is redundant because women are 100 percent self-sufficient in every way, and that steadfastness is imprisonment. We set these as the standards for judging boys and then wonder why the most popular young men fail to pursue these things.
I find this article a bit wistful. Even back in the days of the Bible, the king never had any problem gathering a LARGE harem -- say something like 1K wives and concubines in Solomon's case. Rich men throughout history have very rarely lacked a fairly nubile female or two around them. Lacking power, I suspect Slick Willie would have moderate appeal at best -- likewise Trump without money.

The difference now of course is that any concept of  sexual "morality" is a tired joke. Copulate with whomever and whatever you desire -- with 58 genders on Facebook, you have to be something of a satyr to even arrive at what gender you desire through "scientific testing means" -- and let's face it, in these scientific times, how else can you know "truth"?

So, for the "normal teenaged male", what possible reason might he have to curb his desire for sexual gratification? As the article points out, many of the girls are tripping over themselves to give the high status males what they want so they can receive "attention" -- and why not? certainly you aren't going to drag some "moral" out of the cellar to try to convince them otherwise!

I remember back in football, when the wide receivers, QB's and such got all the girls. Some poor lineman would see some lass and be all smitten and talk with a wide-out who might say "oh, I had her already -- nothing special". After the movie "Predator" came out, I came to think of those guys as the "Pre -date-ers" ... they "pre-date" the most desirable girls. These days, the lineman get the added "advantage" of one of the pre-daters sharing some naked pictures of your object of desire. Ah, "progress". It is reminiscent of the old medieval "right of the first night".
This female-driven dynamic is clearly at work in the high school porn culture as well. The article complains about boys trading pictures around like some kind of social currency and amassing collections, but if this is an accurate observation, then it is precisely the boys with the biggest collections of currency that the girls are finding attractive and providing with sexual access.
I find "barbaric" to be too judgemental in the following. "Natural", "fallen", "sinful" would all be better -- King David saw a beautiful woman, desired her, had her, and murdered for her. This is NOT anything approaching "new". Remove religion and morality, and "nature" takes it's course ...
Sexually barbaric women, however, gravitate towards hypergamy: the tendency to continually trade up to the highest-status man available. In other words, women are attracted to things like social standing, power, and wealth—yet another non-surprise. Accordingly, barbaric men prefer polygamous promiscuity while barbaric women prefer serially monogamous promiscuity. But when serial monogamy has worked out so badly for men, one can hardly blame them for refusing to go along with it any longer. If promiscuity is okay, why not have it his way instead of hers?
Which brings us to today. The current assumption by TP is that Trump can be defeated by the same poison that Slick Willie used to defeat morals and the right. "" was founded on the idea that Clinton was a GREAT president, and WHATEVER accusation of sexual misconduct might be brought or proven against him, the country DID NOT CARE and we ought "Move ON"! 

Naturally, today, the call is the opposite -- ANY sexual charge raised against Trump ought to be totally disqualifying! The "power" of feminism is that they get to decide who gets sexual "favors", or even sexual carte blanche, and who does not. THAT is the "big win" for which women gave up the sanctity of marriage, reverence for motherhood, etc 

If a woman happens to be abused by a powerful man of TP, well, then learn to enjoy it -- just like men that fail to kneel to TP need to learn to enjoy whatever TP decides is their lot. "Equality" has been achieved -- proper political position is the way to power for ALL, male and female, and improper political position is the way to subjugation and abuse -- but it is like Dr Strangelove. Talk about "progress", they would have to have put an intermission in the movie if Slim Pickens was to list all the things that are "without respect today" .... 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Comedy, Diversity, Trump

It wouldn't take a lot of cynicism to say that Gaffigan might be protecting his livelihood (BTW, "Gaff Again" is a great comedic name!). Comedy always involves making fun of someone at some level, and the left in this country certainly doesn't find anyone making fun of them to be funny. If they ever completely move all the unwashed masses in flyover country to re-education camps, comedy is dead.

Making fun of "Dear Leader Hillary" would be a good way to end up with a painful death! Before it gets you the death penalty however, it will get you the misogynist label, since as MPR was saying yesterday, while BO brought out all the racists in the Republican party, Hillary is definitely bringing out all the misogynists!

You see, all the universities, Wall Street, the media, and any sentient human that can understand that the elite knows what is good for them has NO REASON to oppose "The Party" (TP-D), so the ONLY reason that they would be in opposition is racism against BO, or sexism against Hillary. Those are the facts -- if you argue with them you are either too stupid to understand, or too evil to change your mind.  Concerned about BOistan having 150T in debt and unfunded liabilities? RACIST! SEXIST! Shut the F UP!

See how sophisticated argument works?

So maybe Gaffigan is just trying to protect his business, but I still thought the following couple paragraphs were refreshing.
Gaffigan’s emphasis isn’t so much on persuading others of your argument, but of respecting the complexity of someone’s decisions, even if you find them questionable. Several years ago, Gaffigan was on a comedy tour with a libertarian and an Occupy Wall Street member. “And all three of us are friends,” he says. “I kind of like people with different opinions. And I’m not dismissive of – I mean I might casually say ‘you’re crazy’ but I mean I love these people and I also learn from them.” Of course, when issues beyond economics, like race and gender, enter the landscape it’s much harder to be so understanding, but this does a good job of humanizing a Trump supporter, and showing their perspective in a way that isn’t some caricature rooted in pure racism and misogyny. We may not ever agree, but talking to a Trump supporter can help us understand one another. 
Gaffigan urges us not to be dismissive. Talk to people who are different from you. Widen your friendship circle, watch a wide range of news media; vary the sources through which you interpret the world.
Those few of us that are actual conservatives are getting so rare that we MUST talk to people that are "different from us". Hell, basically 95% of the population is pretty radically different from us!

I'm talking weirdos like me here. The kind that believe the Bible, believe that Western Civilization was actually superior to natives dancing around the fire pounding drums, that going to the moon was more impressive than stacking some big rocks up in a field -- you know, A REAL IDIOT!

We also know that except in RARE cases, we can't talk to the standard lefty because they will go completely ape that somebody has a different viewpoint that they do not agree with!

But yes, it might be nice if some of the left actually attempted to see those with other viewpoints than theirs as potentially sentient humans.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Prosecuting Political Opponents

16 Times Democrats Tried To Prosecute Opponents:

Naturally, "The Party" (TP-D) which controls the entire government bureaucracy, legal system and media is well acquainted with prosecuting their political opponents -- in fact, it has become pretty much their standard operating procedure, as the 16 incidences listed in the article point out.

Equally unsurprising is the fact that they find the idea that any loyal TP member in good standing might face prosecution as COMPLETELY abhorrent and beyond the pale. If such was possible, TP would not be TP -- the totalitarian owner of legal and extra-legal prosecutions for whatever deed or, "rumor" that TP happens to think might gain them something. It really doesn't make any difference what Bill and Hillary have done -- they loyal members of TP, which means that THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW ... and both they and other TP members are very proud of the fact that they have "never been prosecuted".

They are all one big happy crime family -- move up in TP, and you too can be immune to prosecution. It seems stranger and stranger that everyone doesn't just "get their minds right", and it seems pretty certain that Hildebeast will be sure that a lot more DO learn to kneel before her once she gets her sceptre.

I'd list a few others just to round it out a bit.
If we had the time, we could go on for at least 100's, and probably thousands or even millions. The case of the small time political person that speaks out in the opposition to TP,  and suddenly finds themselves with a very nasty IRS audit, EPA summons, zoning trouble, etc is pretty much a standard in the dwindling Republican ranks. "Keep your head down" is the mantra if you dare oppose TP.

Having Ted Kennedy highly visible for a long time in TP was a big plus. It is IMPORTANT to show the little people that if you have power you can ACTUALLY get away with murder! It is like the Mob roughing up and killing some folks to be certain that everyone understands who the REAL bosses are. TP is the BIG mob -- they need folks like Ted or Bill and Hillary around just to prove that they are above the law and you are not.

It looks grim right now for any opposition to TP. That is the way it has pretty much been since FDR, with a short small glimpse of hope during the Reagan years and the Gingerich House. Death of dreams, people and nations always tends to be dark -- it just goes with the territory. The powerful like to see their opposition TOTALLY removed -- they really don't want to even HEAR an opposing view!

TP is rather comfortable prosecuting their political opponents, and even if Trump should win, they will go on doing so. They own the legal system and the administrative law system -- even if they were to lose the WH, their power is so great as to make any real opposition for at least decades a total impossibility.

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Grooming, Gas-lighting,and Gambits -- Pussygalore

Donald Trump’s remarkably gross comments about women - The Washington Post:

In a nation that drops the F-bomb about every other moment, "pussy" is now a really horrible word -- I think this James Bond was rated X.

The sheep in BOistan are now in the same spot as the typical victim in an abusive relationship. Here we have BO on the now supposedly terminally crude subject of "pussy".  Hey, no harm no foul, he is reading from the BOOK he wrote, where he also uses the "N word".

When you live in a totalitarian state, the state tells you what words are acceptable, what words are not, who can use them with impunity and who can't -- the state decides, get your mind right!

FIRST ... this is planned manipulation by "The Party" (TP-D). They had this this whole time, and they kept it to manipulate the election. If you can't understand that you are MORE blinded than the typical abuse victim.

"Grooming" it is what spouse abusers, child abusers, pimps, and totalitarian regimes do to their victims. They prepare them -- say in a spouse case, they are especially attentive, provide gifts, make sure that they spend LOTS of time with the prospect so that she has no friends and is totally sucked in to the abuser. Then they start with SMALL abuse -- and work up until the victim is so dependent and ashamed that they can't see any way out.

Totalitarians make certain that the bar is set to "anything goes" for the dominant party, and "any infringement is disqualifying" for those that are not loyal party members. In this case, we have Slick Willie ... serial ACTUAL abuser of women, and likely guilty of rape (the support in the link is from a LEFT leaning source), and Trump, guilty of "coarse locker room talk", which is amazingly not actually illegal (yet) for even non-party members!

TP makes it CLEAR that unless you cross "The Party", you too can have your way with women, taxes, words, etc -- Bill Cosby was OK for decades, but apparently didn't realize that his privilege was dependent on party allegiance. Obviously Trump was in the same boat -- on sex and on taxes, but he strayed in the only way that matters. He crossed TP.

On the non-TP side, we had W Bush. HAVING an Honorable Discharge was completely useless -- it needed to be questioned, up to and including using forged documents. If  BO had been a Republican, his producing a valid birth certificate would not have satisfied the media, they would have been running around trying to find out if it was fake,  having Dan Rather lose his job forging documents trying to prove it was a fake.

For Clarence Thomas, the bar was that he MAY have mentioned an X-rated movie and possibly a pubic hair on a coke can to an employee that continued to follow him to multiple jobs for a decade -- but as a conservative, that was "sexual harassment". Yes, he squeaked onto the court, to be a pariah for the rest of his life -- a "win" if you oppose TP. Let that be a lesson to you!

Slick Willie dropping trou in front of employee Paula Jones and asking her to "suck it" either never happened, was politically motivated, or was "acceptable". All manner of ACTUAL groping, staining, and even rape accusations were  just fine for Slick -- but for Trump, the "new standard" is that "crude locker room talk" is now completely disqualifying.

Naturally, "The Republican Party" -- now pretty much another wholly owned subsidiary of TP, has a whole bunch of rats jumping ship. They will do all in their power to hand this to TP -- but as a famous head of a crime family once said; "What difference, at this point, does it make?". Certainly, many Republicans can be excused because they hold moral standards higher than all politics, and feel they can't actually vote for Trump because he is "coarse". They DO need to remember that Jesus said to "render unto Caesar", and Caesar was NOT a "nice guy". He also told us to love our enemies, not to avoid having any.

For the bulk of the sheep, they have been gaslighted so badly that they no longer believe their own minds -- only what TP tells them. BO ended the war in Iraq, but he didn't make the decision to pull the troops out. Bill Clinton says that Obama Care is "crazy", but Hillary supports it.  We get along fine with Russia and Mitt Romney was an idiot for thinking otherwise ... or, Russia is our worst enemy -- or both. Oh, Russia is trying to "manipulate our election" -- and the Washington Post just pulled a tape of Trump out that they have had forever -- and they are trying to? Oh, wait a minute, Wikileaks just pointed out that Hillary told Goldman Sacks what we all thought she would for a $650K bribe  -- BUT TRUMP!

Spun, manipulated, gaslighted -- the BOistan sheep run to the fences and cower in confusion. 2008 was sad, 2012 was tragic, but in 2016 it is clear that this is moral and intellectual wasteland that richly deserves just what we are seeing. It is getting more than a bit humorous, and it appears that the clowns are being sent in nationally! How fitting!

BOistan is built on the rotting corpse of America -- and we are really only in the early stages of the stench. Excrement smells badly, but rotting flesh is especially pungent. Remember, it IS BAD, and it is going to STAY BAD for a good long while, but if you decide to not vote for Trump, you are deciding to deepen our loss of free speech, religious freedom and shredding of our already terribly tattered Constitution.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Week Dilbert Became A Target

The Week I Became a Target | Scott Adams' Blog:

Scot Adams endorsed Trump with one reason being that he doesn't want to pay 75% in death taxes. These days, endorsing Trump is expensive -- it could even be dangerous.

But it was probably because I asked people to tweet me examples of Clinton supporters being violent against peaceful Trump supporters in public. I got a lot of them. It was chilling.
BOistan is past the point of allowing free speech -- Dinesh D'Souza went to jail, the maker of the supposed Benghazi causing video went to jail, Walker supporters in WI had their doors beat down, NY state is trying to prosecute Exxon for questioning Climate Change, NC keeps losing business over bathroom laws -- the list just keeps growing.

But hey, you can keep drawing multi-million dollar salaries for taking a seat during the Start Spangled Banner -- at least BO approved "free" speech is still just fine!

The big problem here is that  close to 50% of the country thinks this is just fine as long as "their side" is the one that is doing the criminalizing of speech.

In BOistan, first they come for Dilbert, then they come for you.

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Monday, October 03, 2016

The Creation Science Oxymoron

I took an hour this past Sunday evening to attend a "Creation Science" presentation -- maybe a bit of nostalgia for my youth as a fundamentalist Baptist.

The speaker was Dr Robert Carter, affiliated with Creation Ministries a business dedicated to the idea that the earth is 6K years old and they can prove it "scientifically".

First of all, let me say that I'm sure that many of the people taking part in this are well meaning and truly believe that they MUST somehow "debunk evolution" in order for people to believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus. I'll refer to them as "Young Earth Creationists" (YEC)

My main concern here is idolatry -- focus on the physical over the spiritual. Thomas could only believe if he thrust his hand into the side of the risen Savior. YECs seem to think that belief in the miracle of God taking human form and dying for our sins requires that we thrust our minds through "science" into the physical world and SEE that it is created via "scientific" knowledge.

My view is that our original sin lies in us seeking knowledge and power in the physical world, rather than relying on "The Word" of God -- meaning Christ ("and the Word was with God")" and the Bible (in that order). Science and thinking in a materialist manner puts the creation ahead of the creator. The choice of the material "fruit" over the WORD of God was the fall.

Science is all about stuff (material), but God didn't create ONLY stuff. He created man "in his image", which is SPIRIT, not "stuff" (matter) ... our consciousness, which science also can't measure, and therefore does not exist to science.  Science deals with what humans are able to perceive, or they create machines to perceive and MEASURE the scientific (materialist) view of "what is". If it can't be measured, it doesn't exist for science. The consciousness of the scientist that is doing the measurement isn't part of science -- which I suspect is part of the reason for "quantum effects". The quantum superposition doesn't "collapse" until a consciousness (spirit) could view it) --  Schroedigers cat is in the superposition of dead AND alive until a consciousness views the result.

Science seeks truth in matter, and has chased matter to the point where it becomes waves, particles, quarks, strings, fields, quanta and all sorts of wispy ghosts that behave more like quantum spirits than "stuff". The search for the "truth" of matter has led to "spooky effects at a distance". Both time and space have become "relative". Perhaps energy is all there is -- or "data", or perhaps, spirit -- dare we say it -- God?

Looking at matter will never provide eternal truth. Matter isn't eternal -- as far science can tell the physical universe will die in cold entropy or a super hot "big crunch" according to physics. Long before either of those happen, physical life will be gone -- in a mere universal heartbeat of a few 10's of billions of years next to the vastness of eternity.

The Bible says that God created the earth. It doesn't say how and it doesn't say when.  Certainly it can be "wired" to give someone the impression that the earth "must" be a certain age, just as the Catholic church once persecuted those who said that the earth orbited the sun, because Joshua 10:13 says "So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.".

They were completely certain that the sun HAD to move, since the Bible "said so", so it was better to kill a heretic who failed to believe this "truth" than to allow such madness to spread. As all of us who share the  beginning of wisdom ought to know each day, their (and our) God is too small! If you follow the link, you will be taken to my review of a small book by that title that has a very large message. It is US who attempts to put an infinite God into a box and explain how he MUST operate.

As I've repeated too often, I'm willing to let God create the world via any mechanism he chooses. He may have created it "during" the time I wrote this sentence -- and it would all look exactly like it does now. Not to "fool" anyone, but because that is how God chose to create it! He is beyond time and space -- and certainly beyond the thoughts of man.

I used to work on the startup code for a large operating system where we created a "boot image" and loaded that into the memory of the computer. If you looked at it when it started running, you could assume that a whole bunch of things had "happened", that really had not. They had been set up so they appeared that way because that is how they needed to be to work with the rest of the operating system -- not to "fool people".

This is but a single possibility. To believe that understanding the MECHANISM of how God may have created somehow helps us understand an eternal God is counterproductive to faith. Becoming mired in a never ending argument over matter, cells and calendars is to miss God -- that he is eternal, spirit, light, love and not of this physical universe (except as Christ).

Western civilization is dying because it has put it's faith in matter rather than spirit and truth. Science is ONLY about measurement and mechanism, and proudly so. It has, nor recognizes,  a soul, nothing at all that is spiritually human. To science, we are all "naked apes", soulless animals living meaningless lives in a meaningless universe. Science is "psychopathic" -- it denies consciousness and values since they are not observable or measureable. Science is a TOOL ... like a hammer, like a computer. (psychopaths don't see others as "conscious")

CREATION -- even the puny human form of a new song, painting, novel, technological innovation or flower arrangement, is outside of science. The divine creation is a gap so large that God needed to become human in the form of Jesus Christ in order to bridge the gulf created by sin -- one of the chief of which is our idolatry of matter over spirit.

"Creation Science" demeans creation and attempts to use "science" in it's own idolatry of the physical -- to say with doubting Thomas, that "faith is NOT enough, I muse SEE the marks of creation"! Our current "Standard Model" of physics is "timeless", defined by mathematics that make time relative -- it says that what is happening now has always been happening and always will be. If you add in quantum mechanics, everything that "could be happening" is  (each "decision" causes a "fork" creating a new universe from that point on.

So "true" evolutionists are turning on physics -- they want a NEW MODEL that shows that what we see "can happen" with no outside intervention or "timeless principles" it may well take 10 to the 400th or 10 the google UNIVERSES, but ANYTHING is more palatable to them than "timeless".

Apparently anything  other than a timeless God is palatable to young earth creationists as well -- no matter how many strange "flood hoops" they have to jump over to have their 6K year cake.

My bottom line concerns with young earth creation are:

  1. Idolatry -- the desire to put the physical ahead of the spiritual. The idea that "unless I can physically touch the risen savior, I will not believe", transposed to "unless the physical evidence viewed by science in the world aligns directly with Genesis, I will not believe that God created the earth / universe".
  2. Moneychangers in the temple. YEC is an opportunity for some to attempt to profit from the creation of a cult like set of followers that feel that their "faith" (actually if it is proven by physical evidence, it is not faith) depends on physical defense of 6K year creation. Which is of course is not faith at all : Hebrews 11:1 11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  3. Loss of spiritual authority and increased loss of youth to paganism.  The modern world has no shortage of idolatry for the physical. The battlefield of the spiritual has been virtually abandoned, and the YEC movement wants to abandon the spiritual in the case of creation and fight on the physical plane as well. It is as if Elijah had joined the pagans in cutting himself to obtain the attention of the true God. 
That being said, I understand their desire. The idea of a "physical slam dunk" that PROVES the existence of the God that many of us love and fervently believe in, tempts our minds like a beautiful woman draws our eyes. When we see our children wooed away by science that is spiritually dead and devoid of even the recognition of humans as conscious, our very souls weep and cry out in pain we cannot begin to voice.

The only "physical matter" that proves the spiritual is the person of Jesus Christ. All other attempts are idolatry -- often well meaning idolatry, but idolatry just the same. At one time I wished it were not so, but I believe I understand more of the reason that God demands we worship him in SPIRIT and Truth.

Being flesh, we are so drawn to the physical that if any form of the physical save the person of Christ, present at Calvary and in Holy Communion was really worthy of our study and adulation, we would be inexorably drawn to that form to the exclusion of Christ, writing books, creating web sites and holding endless discussions on the minutia of this "physical truth", rather than worshiping "The Way, the Truth, and the Life". We might possibly even build a physical "Ark" as a talisman for the spiritual protection of Christ through the waters of this world.

Only the Trinity is eternal, however we share an eternal future though not an eternal past. We will know the HOW, WHEN, WHY, etc of creation -- for now, let us have faith that God Created!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

NYT, No Tax For Me, Not For Thee

The NY Times apparently broke the law to publish Trump tax information -- but we know that they will face no prosecution, since they are the top mouthpiece of "The Party" (TP-D). It turns out they also have gotten a lot of financial breaks from TP, and in 2014 paid no taxes.
However, I do not need to lecture The New York Times on that topic because it knows that lesson well. After all, the newspaper of record has its headquarters in a building built on landseized by the government under the power of eminent domain from ten different owners, some of whom did not want to sell, implying that the government exercise of power saved the developer money. In addition to that benefit, The New York Times also received $26 million in tax breaks in exchange for keeping jobs in New York City.

More recently, for tax year 2014, The New York Times paid no taxes and got an income tax refund of $3.5 million even though they had a pre-tax profit of $29.9 million in 2014. In other words, their post-tax profit was higher than their pre-tax profit. The explanation in their 2014 annual report is, “The effective tax rate for 2014 was favorably affected by approximately $21.1 million for the reversal of reserves for uncertain tax positions due to the lapse of applicable statutes of limitations.” If you don’t think it took fancy accountants and tax lawyers to make that happen, read the statement again.
TP becomes more and more bold it it's exercise of raw and obviously corrupt power. Trump has naturally made use of every tax benefit and the power of government to get what he wants for a long time.  So has the NYT. The lesson here is that the NYT remains the mouthpiece of the TP in good standing, and Trump has strayed -- badly.

So Trump is now to be subjected to the standards of "the little people", you know, "the bitter clingers". The ones that live in "flyover country". TP is certain they are above the law, and they probably are -- the thinnest of reeds would involve Trump being elected and by some MIRACLE being able to change the rigged system. Assuming of course he even wants to.

Why should he? I certainly can't imagine -- our system is so obviously corrupt and broken that the idea that it could be "saved" is the most wishful of wishful thinking. BO is certain that America is dead and BOistan will survive for awhile by consuming the rotting corpse.

No rules, no morals and no shame. The very definition of BOistan.

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The Gold Standard In Lying

Did Hillary Clinton Call the Trans-Pacific Partnership the 'Gold Standard' in Trade Agreements? :

Hillary definitely sets the gold standard it brazen lying. We were told in school (back when I went) that even as a young boy, George Washington could not lie -- I think most of us knew that this was a mythological story, but in those days the nation and the educational system still recognized that mythology was an important part of human existence and creates truths that have far more human meaning than mere "facts".

Hillary is willing to tell us that she has NEVER told a lie, and she never will! As the Snopes link shows us, she lies and lies about her lies constantly -- and then even her supporters claim that she is truthful. In fact, more people believe in Bigfoot than believe she is truthful.

The standard answer this election is ... BUT TRUMP!

That objection may be correct, I don't know since Trump has never been an elected political leader before, and therefore has taken no oaths on truthfulness, supporting the Constitution, etc. The US historically was the country on the planet that held businessmen in the most esteem, but nobody takes oaths on Bibles before they take a position in business. It USED to be that a person who sought office expected to be held to a HIGHER standard, especially if that office was the presidency. It was Bill Clinton who established that the president could be held to a LOWER standard, since any manager at a McDonald's in America would be dismissed for having consensual sex with an employee during work hours.

Do I believe Trump has lied as a candidate, and as a person? Sure,  but his lies didn't get anyone killed as Hillary's did in Benghazi, nor did they destroy any moral standard for the presidency has Hillary's lies about Slick Willie's infidelities did. Perhaps her BIGGEST lie was to claim that she was not some "Tammy Wynette, stand by your man woman" -- when in fact, she WAS, so much so that she helped remove any moral standard for the presidency, thus enabling both herself and Trump to meet the low standard of "no moral standard".

Hillary's (and Bill's) lies (and their acceptance by their own party and enough of the public) created the lack of standards that got us to 2016.

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