Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BOcare Fails, Friends With Benefits

I understand that only an idiot would think that Trump still has any chance. I was CERTAINLY there for all of 2015, and into 2016. Even though I hedged a bit, I was sucked into "ding, dong, Trump is dead" on April 13th

The media is absolutely certain that Trump is dead -- so much so that WaPo is willing to point out the obvious. BOcare is a giant failure, and like Romney on Russia, the Republicans were right.
This would be big news at any point in this election: The signature achievement of the outgoing Democratic president appears to be fulfilling many of the doom and gloom predictions Republicans made when the law passed. Costs are rising for many. Major insurers — like Aetna — are dropping out. And the law, which has never been terribly popular, isn't faring any better in most credible polling these days.
I will not give up hope for Trump until he concedes -- certainly NOT because I "like him", nor even because I believe that he would be "good for BOistan", whatever the hell that means.

Pretty much, I would just enjoy listening to MPR the morning after should he win.

Do I "think he will win", "do I care"? These are both really hard questions at this point in my life -- I truly loved America. It's ideas, it's vision, it's values -- I am so lucky to have grown up in that once great nation.

I know I will never be part of BOistan -- I now know what a true "alien" feels like. Undocumented Democrats (formerly "illegal aliens")  in  BOistan at least agree with the tenets of BOistan ... no law, no morality, no borders, no shared values ... just a "territory with benefits", similar to the modern  male / female relationship of "friends with benefits (sex)".

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