Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Breaking Down Your Door For Speech Still Illegal for Moment

As I covered in a few posts, most notably this one, WI liberals decided it was a good idea to break down people's doors in the early AM on "suspicion of collusion" relative to Walker and PAC money. You know, the kind of "collusion" that the NY Times, MPR, WaPO, CNN, NBC, CBS ... do every single day! In California they have even made this charge "guilty unless proven innocent" in direct violation of UN human rights law, which the US is a cosigner of! 

So for the moment, such attacks are still illegal ...

"The appeal was a long shot because the case concerned a matter of Wisconsin law. But the relentless persistence of the left in trying to prosecute political speech shows what could happen if the U.S. Supreme Court gets a five-judge liberal majority. The progressive censors will gin up cases to overturn legal precedents like Citizens United and SpeechNow v. FEC that have made it harder for government to regulate who can join with allies to influence elections."
If it was going to be "harder for both sides", one might lament the loss of freedom, but be able to at least tell themselves "it will help keep big money out of politics". As it is, it is a highly visible move to single party rule as TP owns 80% of the media, entertainment, education, the legal system and both the federal and state bureaucracies.

The Party has complete freedom of speech and all the money it needs to blanket everyone with it's message. For the moment, they can't put the opposition in jail quite for doing the same quite as easily as they would like, but one can plainly see it from here.

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