Thursday, October 13, 2016

Comedy, Diversity, Trump

It wouldn't take a lot of cynicism to say that Gaffigan might be protecting his livelihood (BTW, "Gaff Again" is a great comedic name!). Comedy always involves making fun of someone at some level, and the left in this country certainly doesn't find anyone making fun of them to be funny. If they ever completely move all the unwashed masses in flyover country to re-education camps, comedy is dead.

Making fun of "Dear Leader Hillary" would be a good way to end up with a painful death! Before it gets you the death penalty however, it will get you the misogynist label, since as MPR was saying yesterday, while BO brought out all the racists in the Republican party, Hillary is definitely bringing out all the misogynists!

You see, all the universities, Wall Street, the media, and any sentient human that can understand that the elite knows what is good for them has NO REASON to oppose "The Party" (TP-D), so the ONLY reason that they would be in opposition is racism against BO, or sexism against Hillary. Those are the facts -- if you argue with them you are either too stupid to understand, or too evil to change your mind.  Concerned about BOistan having 150T in debt and unfunded liabilities? RACIST! SEXIST! Shut the F UP!

See how sophisticated argument works?

So maybe Gaffigan is just trying to protect his business, but I still thought the following couple paragraphs were refreshing.
Gaffigan’s emphasis isn’t so much on persuading others of your argument, but of respecting the complexity of someone’s decisions, even if you find them questionable. Several years ago, Gaffigan was on a comedy tour with a libertarian and an Occupy Wall Street member. “And all three of us are friends,” he says. “I kind of like people with different opinions. And I’m not dismissive of – I mean I might casually say ‘you’re crazy’ but I mean I love these people and I also learn from them.” Of course, when issues beyond economics, like race and gender, enter the landscape it’s much harder to be so understanding, but this does a good job of humanizing a Trump supporter, and showing their perspective in a way that isn’t some caricature rooted in pure racism and misogyny. We may not ever agree, but talking to a Trump supporter can help us understand one another. 
Gaffigan urges us not to be dismissive. Talk to people who are different from you. Widen your friendship circle, watch a wide range of news media; vary the sources through which you interpret the world.
Those few of us that are actual conservatives are getting so rare that we MUST talk to people that are "different from us". Hell, basically 95% of the population is pretty radically different from us!

I'm talking weirdos like me here. The kind that believe the Bible, believe that Western Civilization was actually superior to natives dancing around the fire pounding drums, that going to the moon was more impressive than stacking some big rocks up in a field -- you know, A REAL IDIOT!

We also know that except in RARE cases, we can't talk to the standard lefty because they will go completely ape that somebody has a different viewpoint that they do not agree with!

But yes, it might be nice if some of the left actually attempted to see those with other viewpoints than theirs as potentially sentient humans.

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