Saturday, October 29, 2016

Democrat Dog Found Alive

Trump supporter charged with voting twice in Iowa - The Washington Post:

In a nation with a lick of common sense, nobody but a worthless party hack would even try to peddle a story this stupid, let alone a supposedly "major news outlet"  -- it is a case of the old saw of "a man accused of killing 3 men and a dog, promptly produces the dog alive".

Democrat vote fraud is old and well understood -- the Daley machine in Chicago was especially egregious, but it is "Bad, and Nationwide" (the song is just entertainment, otherwise unrelated).

So, unsurprisingly, the official position of the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) is usually that "there is no such thing as voter fraud" ... see scholarly article here. Since "there is no such thing", we need no voter id, where we MUST have a picture ID to for example "mail a UPS package". Ballots can be mailed all over, even a couple months before the election.

Oh, but wait, some poor disoriented Trump supporter in IA has been found engaging in "voter fraud". I've run into snowbirds that pioneered absentee ballots, because "they lived in both places" -- all the state offices were different anyway, and they "voted for the same top of the ticket so it didn't matter". It is pretty clear to anyone that cares about fair elections that there are millions of cases of voter fraud in BOistan every election, and there used to be in the US as well. At least 90% of them happen to be Democrat -- but their standard position is "it doesn't exist" -- except if you find a disoriented Trump supporter to make an example out of.

It's a new nation -- apparently they are experimenting a bit more with the idea of claiming there is no DEMOCRAT voter fraud, while at the same time deciding to cast aspersions on the votes of the opposition.

Old technique, new area -- deficit in opposition administration? HUGE problem. Democrat? Probably not as big a deficit as it should be! Sexual harassment by Democrat? Oxymoron, never happens. Opposition? The only way that anyone could NOT believe in any accusation wholeheartedly is if they are a misogynist!

We could go on for pages -- BOistan is a world with no actual reality, only "political reality".

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