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Grooming, Gas-lighting,and Gambits -- Pussygalore

Donald Trump’s remarkably gross comments about women - The Washington Post:

In a nation that drops the F-bomb about every other moment, "pussy" is now a really horrible word -- I think this James Bond was rated X.

The sheep in BOistan are now in the same spot as the typical victim in an abusive relationship. Here we have BO on the now supposedly terminally crude subject of "pussy".  Hey, no harm no foul, he is reading from the BOOK he wrote, where he also uses the "N word".

When you live in a totalitarian state, the state tells you what words are acceptable, what words are not, who can use them with impunity and who can't -- the state decides, get your mind right!

FIRST ... this is planned manipulation by "The Party" (TP-D). They had this this whole time, and they kept it to manipulate the election. If you can't understand that you are MORE blinded than the typical abuse victim.

"Grooming" it is what spouse abusers, child abusers, pimps, and totalitarian regimes do to their victims. They prepare them -- say in a spouse case, they are especially attentive, provide gifts, make sure that they spend LOTS of time with the prospect so that she has no friends and is totally sucked in to the abuser. Then they start with SMALL abuse -- and work up until the victim is so dependent and ashamed that they can't see any way out.

Totalitarians make certain that the bar is set to "anything goes" for the dominant party, and "any infringement is disqualifying" for those that are not loyal party members. In this case, we have Slick Willie ... serial ACTUAL abuser of women, and likely guilty of rape (the support in the link is from a LEFT leaning source), and Trump, guilty of "coarse locker room talk", which is amazingly not actually illegal (yet) for even non-party members!

TP makes it CLEAR that unless you cross "The Party", you too can have your way with women, taxes, words, etc -- Bill Cosby was OK for decades, but apparently didn't realize that his privilege was dependent on party allegiance. Obviously Trump was in the same boat -- on sex and on taxes, but he strayed in the only way that matters. He crossed TP.

On the non-TP side, we had W Bush. HAVING an Honorable Discharge was completely useless -- it needed to be questioned, up to and including using forged documents. If  BO had been a Republican, his producing a valid birth certificate would not have satisfied the media, they would have been running around trying to find out if it was fake,  having Dan Rather lose his job forging documents trying to prove it was a fake.

For Clarence Thomas, the bar was that he MAY have mentioned an X-rated movie and possibly a pubic hair on a coke can to an employee that continued to follow him to multiple jobs for a decade -- but as a conservative, that was "sexual harassment". Yes, he squeaked onto the court, to be a pariah for the rest of his life -- a "win" if you oppose TP. Let that be a lesson to you!

Slick Willie dropping trou in front of employee Paula Jones and asking her to "suck it" either never happened, was politically motivated, or was "acceptable". All manner of ACTUAL groping, staining, and even rape accusations were  just fine for Slick -- but for Trump, the "new standard" is that "crude locker room talk" is now completely disqualifying.

Naturally, "The Republican Party" -- now pretty much another wholly owned subsidiary of TP, has a whole bunch of rats jumping ship. They will do all in their power to hand this to TP -- but as a famous head of a crime family once said; "What difference, at this point, does it make?". Certainly, many Republicans can be excused because they hold moral standards higher than all politics, and feel they can't actually vote for Trump because he is "coarse". They DO need to remember that Jesus said to "render unto Caesar", and Caesar was NOT a "nice guy". He also told us to love our enemies, not to avoid having any.

For the bulk of the sheep, they have been gaslighted so badly that they no longer believe their own minds -- only what TP tells them. BO ended the war in Iraq, but he didn't make the decision to pull the troops out. Bill Clinton says that Obama Care is "crazy", but Hillary supports it.  We get along fine with Russia and Mitt Romney was an idiot for thinking otherwise ... or, Russia is our worst enemy -- or both. Oh, Russia is trying to "manipulate our election" -- and the Washington Post just pulled a tape of Trump out that they have had forever -- and they are trying to? Oh, wait a minute, Wikileaks just pointed out that Hillary told Goldman Sacks what we all thought she would for a $650K bribe  -- BUT TRUMP!

Spun, manipulated, gaslighted -- the BOistan sheep run to the fences and cower in confusion. 2008 was sad, 2012 was tragic, but in 2016 it is clear that this is moral and intellectual wasteland that richly deserves just what we are seeing. It is getting more than a bit humorous, and it appears that the clowns are being sent in nationally! How fitting!

BOistan is built on the rotting corpse of America -- and we are really only in the early stages of the stench. Excrement smells badly, but rotting flesh is especially pungent. Remember, it IS BAD, and it is going to STAY BAD for a good long while, but if you decide to not vote for Trump, you are deciding to deepen our loss of free speech, religious freedom and shredding of our already terribly tattered Constitution.

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