Sunday, October 23, 2016

Headline Hugging And Kissing

Latest Trump accuser says he hugged, kissed her without permission -

People that have not spent time in corporate BOistan are not aware that "sexual harassment" is ENTIRELY in the eye of the accuser. If the accuser says "you were staring at me", that is sexual harassment and it is treated seriously. In my case, a female employee felt "harassed" because she was not included in the planning for a bachelor party of another employee. That earned me a trip to a middle man agers office and the news that my record at IBM now included a charge of "sexual harassment".

The sexual harassment law is completely about power. We always had laws against rape and assault, but sexual harassment gives a new level of power to women that is unprecedeneted in human history. "Hate Speech" does the same -- the mere charge if "I heard someone yell the N*word" can be raised against a group like the Tea Party and it is taken extremely seriously.

Power is about asymmetry. We certainly see that there is nothing that Trump supporters can be called that is "hate speech". In fact, even when an Islamic person attacks and kills tens of people, it is not only not a "hate crime", and it is immoral and "narrow minded" to suggest that their race or religion was a factor in their attack.

A mark of BOistan is how the asymmetry of law works. For women or minorities making charges against  a member of "The Party" (TP-D) -- like Slick Wille, even serious charges like rape or assault are treated as "suspect, unproven, probably politically motivated" if they see the light of day at all. When the tables are turned, any charge -- "hugging and kissing a decade ago", or the asserted hearing of an offensive word are deadly serious, in fact "headline news".

And so it goes in BOistan. In America, equality of TREATMENT of people before the law was a major part of what made America exceptional. In BOistan, UNequal treatment is a major part of the power of TP in all aspects of life.

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