Saturday, October 29, 2016

Liberal Family Tradition

James Comey Broke with Loretta Lynch and Justice Department Tradition - The New Yorker:

I am SHOCKED, shocked I say, to see that Democrats have suddenly discovered that they are HUGE respecters of tradition! How wonderful!

It would be great if we could "all get along" and still have freedom and liberty. In human history, comity was manufactured by the intimidation of the weaker to follow the stronger or SHUT UP!  and if they failed to comply, banishing or killing them. China, North Korea, Cuba and Islamic states still follow this time honored tradition.

The widespread belief in Christianity coupled with Greek philosophy provided a framework on which Western civilization was able to arrive at a set of transcendent beliefs that were shared by 80-90% of all educated people. Even better, those beliefs allowed for not only not killing the 10-20% that did not agree, but had a bias toward allowing their beliefs and even LOVING them in spite of their not agreeing on basic tenets of an extremely large group. Those values were what made "Western civilization" more that just a "big tribe".

While transcendence is about more than reason, in the Western case, reason, coupled with "The Enlightenment" was the base from which the democratic republics sprang. In the US, the church was separate from the state, but it's existence was assumed -- as Adams said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other".

Without even a tiny attempt at consistency, there can be no reason nor truth. Democrats have ZERO respect for tradition in reality. The base bedrock of humanity -- marriage, gender, respect for life, private property, free speech, the Golden Rule,  or the right to bear arms. Not a single element of the strongest of traditions and codified law in human history is so much as a momentary consideration to the left as they steamroller all of them and treat anyone believing in tradition as "racist, sexist, homophobic, reactionary, etc".

"Liberals" DO have one gigantic "tradition". It is the tradition of having only one consistent principle -- POWER!!! On all else, they twist in the wind -- usually being wholly against any mention of "tradition" as they trample the sacred into the mud as if it were yesterdays garbage. But nearly as important to their efforts as complete INconsistency, is their ability to be completely shameless. They have no compunction at all to trot out "tradition" when it suits them as if it was actually something they were concerned about!

We can't "get along", because one of the supposed "American" parties as sworn allegiance to BOistan and as it has been for years now, it is TOTALLY obvious that they will stop at NOTHING to achieve total control and begin the operation of cleansing BOistan of all who disagree with their world view.

The left has one "tradition" that is "sacred" -- totally and utterly destroy your opposition  by any and all means possible. The more bloody and painful, the better.

I'm reminded of Hank Williams Jr -- listen to the following and consider "why do we kill and imprison?" ...

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