Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nixon, Gore, Trump -- "Stuff" Flows Downhill

In defense of Al Gore | Power Line:

The linked article defends Al Gore as having "every reason to contest the election", which of course he did.

So did Nixon in '60. Nixon likely had a better chance of winning than Gore did, and of exposing some nasty voter fraud in the process, but he did not contest the election so Americans were allowed to believe the country was less corrupt than it already was for awhile longer.

Both Kennedy and LBJ also had their version of "The Plumbers" (and worse), as had probably every president back to at least Teddy Roosevelt, and likely beyond.

What Nixon, and the presidents before him had that neither modern candidates or the general public has today, was "respect for the office, and love for the country" -- as did the media, people in congress, and the public in general. It seems fitting that Nixon, a man who held the fiction that the presidency and the process of winning it needed to be "above reproach" and was willing to put his not insignificant ambitions aside to protect it, was also the point at which "The Party" (TP-D) decided that they would take him down -- and of course the presidency with him.

Republicans, always the ones who believe like Lucy that TP "is really playing honest this time", naturally went along, which is what REALLY took down Nixon. Fast forward to Slick Willie, walking the halls of power with his pants around his knees, and TP lined up to "damn the corruption, JUST WIN BABY!".

So Al Gore followed suit relative to "the process" -- arguing the election was invalid. Power Line thinks Trump has "a right" to do "the same thing" -- and clearly TP does NOT think he has that right.

The point however is that "Stuff" flows downhill! Nixon was willing to "put the office and the country first" -- and was rewarded by TP by being destroyed with a lot of collateral damage to the country and the office. TP naturally doesn't care about that -- POWER is their only concern.

Slick Willie took us down another level, and TP was there to allow him to do it. Shortly after, Gore ratcheted us down yet another -- completely overturning that Nixonian ideal of "country / office before personal ambition". Naturally, TP was fine with that -- and many in TP continued to call W "illegitamate" during his entire term, further damaging both the office and the nation.

BO established the "standard" that anyone can truly be president -- no executive experience necessary. Trump is a GIANT of executive experience next to BO!

The next ratchet down will be WORSE than Gore! Maybe it will be Trump that says that millions of illegals voted (who could tell?), ballot boxes were stuffed, etc. Perhaps the country can be without a successor for many months -- or maybe years as things drag out in a 4 to 4 court and who knows what kind of fractured congress.

The ratchet has been grinding downward since at least Wilson. America was a truly great nation -- it took a long time to kill it, but TP has clearly gotten the job done!

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