Sunday, October 02, 2016

NYT, No Tax For Me, Not For Thee

The NY Times apparently broke the law to publish Trump tax information -- but we know that they will face no prosecution, since they are the top mouthpiece of "The Party" (TP-D). It turns out they also have gotten a lot of financial breaks from TP, and in 2014 paid no taxes.
However, I do not need to lecture The New York Times on that topic because it knows that lesson well. After all, the newspaper of record has its headquarters in a building built on landseized by the government under the power of eminent domain from ten different owners, some of whom did not want to sell, implying that the government exercise of power saved the developer money. In addition to that benefit, The New York Times also received $26 million in tax breaks in exchange for keeping jobs in New York City.

More recently, for tax year 2014, The New York Times paid no taxes and got an income tax refund of $3.5 million even though they had a pre-tax profit of $29.9 million in 2014. In other words, their post-tax profit was higher than their pre-tax profit. The explanation in their 2014 annual report is, “The effective tax rate for 2014 was favorably affected by approximately $21.1 million for the reversal of reserves for uncertain tax positions due to the lapse of applicable statutes of limitations.” If you don’t think it took fancy accountants and tax lawyers to make that happen, read the statement again.
TP becomes more and more bold it it's exercise of raw and obviously corrupt power. Trump has naturally made use of every tax benefit and the power of government to get what he wants for a long time.  So has the NYT. The lesson here is that the NYT remains the mouthpiece of the TP in good standing, and Trump has strayed -- badly.

So Trump is now to be subjected to the standards of "the little people", you know, "the bitter clingers". The ones that live in "flyover country". TP is certain they are above the law, and they probably are -- the thinnest of reeds would involve Trump being elected and by some MIRACLE being able to change the rigged system. Assuming of course he even wants to.

Why should he? I certainly can't imagine -- our system is so obviously corrupt and broken that the idea that it could be "saved" is the most wishful of wishful thinking. BO is certain that America is dead and BOistan will survive for awhile by consuming the rotting corpse.

No rules, no morals and no shame. The very definition of BOistan.

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