Friday, October 21, 2016

Politifact Mostly Biased

Got that?

Now if you are a "liberal",  here are some of the thoughts probably going through your head:

  • If I go look at the two articles I could find SOME reason that it really isn't biased! 
  • "Conservatives" really HATE fact checking -- simple mistake, not big enough to matter, doesn't prove anything. 
  • Pure anger -- I'm not going to look at this stuff! People that put up things like this purely to cast doubt on people who deal in FACTS are NOT the kind of people that I choose to associate with! 
There are thousands of ways to ignore, discount and rationalize things we don't like. We ALL do that -- I certainly don't trust myself to be unbiased, because I KNOW I am biased. By realizing that universal fact -- that ALL are biased, we can possibly barely begin to "all get along". 

My view is that is not actually possible without belief in a "higher power" that puts the issues of this world in perspective. In my case, that is Christ, and I really can't imagine another that would be even so close in being effective to eliciting the desire to love even our enemies. 

Having a belief in SOMETHING that transcends "you in this moment" is worthy, even if it can't be Christ. Without such a belief, our current culture is all about me, me, me, and now, now, now.  

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