Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Prosecuting Political Opponents

16 Times Democrats Tried To Prosecute Opponents:

Naturally, "The Party" (TP-D) which controls the entire government bureaucracy, legal system and media is well acquainted with prosecuting their political opponents -- in fact, it has become pretty much their standard operating procedure, as the 16 incidences listed in the article point out.

Equally unsurprising is the fact that they find the idea that any loyal TP member in good standing might face prosecution as COMPLETELY abhorrent and beyond the pale. If such was possible, TP would not be TP -- the totalitarian owner of legal and extra-legal prosecutions for whatever deed or, "rumor" that TP happens to think might gain them something. It really doesn't make any difference what Bill and Hillary have done -- they loyal members of TP, which means that THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW ... and both they and other TP members are very proud of the fact that they have "never been prosecuted".

They are all one big happy crime family -- move up in TP, and you too can be immune to prosecution. It seems stranger and stranger that everyone doesn't just "get their minds right", and it seems pretty certain that Hildebeast will be sure that a lot more DO learn to kneel before her once she gets her sceptre.

I'd list a few others just to round it out a bit.
If we had the time, we could go on for at least 100's, and probably thousands or even millions. The case of the small time political person that speaks out in the opposition to TP,  and suddenly finds themselves with a very nasty IRS audit, EPA summons, zoning trouble, etc is pretty much a standard in the dwindling Republican ranks. "Keep your head down" is the mantra if you dare oppose TP.

Having Ted Kennedy highly visible for a long time in TP was a big plus. It is IMPORTANT to show the little people that if you have power you can ACTUALLY get away with murder! It is like the Mob roughing up and killing some folks to be certain that everyone understands who the REAL bosses are. TP is the BIG mob -- they need folks like Ted or Bill and Hillary around just to prove that they are above the law and you are not.

It looks grim right now for any opposition to TP. That is the way it has pretty much been since FDR, with a short small glimpse of hope during the Reagan years and the Gingerich House. Death of dreams, people and nations always tends to be dark -- it just goes with the territory. The powerful like to see their opposition TOTALLY removed -- they really don't want to even HEAR an opposing view!

TP is rather comfortable prosecuting their political opponents, and even if Trump should win, they will go on doing so. They own the legal system and the administrative law system -- even if they were to lose the WH, their power is so great as to make any real opposition for at least decades a total impossibility.

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