Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Gold Standard In Lying

Did Hillary Clinton Call the Trans-Pacific Partnership the 'Gold Standard' in Trade Agreements? :

Hillary definitely sets the gold standard it brazen lying. We were told in school (back when I went) that even as a young boy, George Washington could not lie -- I think most of us knew that this was a mythological story, but in those days the nation and the educational system still recognized that mythology was an important part of human existence and creates truths that have far more human meaning than mere "facts".

Hillary is willing to tell us that she has NEVER told a lie, and she never will! As the Snopes link shows us, she lies and lies about her lies constantly -- and then even her supporters claim that she is truthful. In fact, more people believe in Bigfoot than believe she is truthful.

The standard answer this election is ... BUT TRUMP!

That objection may be correct, I don't know since Trump has never been an elected political leader before, and therefore has taken no oaths on truthfulness, supporting the Constitution, etc. The US historically was the country on the planet that held businessmen in the most esteem, but nobody takes oaths on Bibles before they take a position in business. It USED to be that a person who sought office expected to be held to a HIGHER standard, especially if that office was the presidency. It was Bill Clinton who established that the president could be held to a LOWER standard, since any manager at a McDonald's in America would be dismissed for having consensual sex with an employee during work hours.

Do I believe Trump has lied as a candidate, and as a person? Sure,  but his lies didn't get anyone killed as Hillary's did in Benghazi, nor did they destroy any moral standard for the presidency has Hillary's lies about Slick Willie's infidelities did. Perhaps her BIGGEST lie was to claim that she was not some "Tammy Wynette, stand by your man woman" -- when in fact, she WAS, so much so that she helped remove any moral standard for the presidency, thus enabling both herself and Trump to meet the low standard of "no moral standard".

Hillary's (and Bill's) lies (and their acceptance by their own party and enough of the public) created the lack of standards that got us to 2016.

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