Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Week Dilbert Became A Target

The Week I Became a Target | Scott Adams' Blog:

Scot Adams endorsed Trump with one reason being that he doesn't want to pay 75% in death taxes. These days, endorsing Trump is expensive -- it could even be dangerous.

But it was probably because I asked people to tweet me examples of Clinton supporters being violent against peaceful Trump supporters in public. I got a lot of them. It was chilling.
BOistan is past the point of allowing free speech -- Dinesh D'Souza went to jail, the maker of the supposed Benghazi causing video went to jail, Walker supporters in WI had their doors beat down, NY state is trying to prosecute Exxon for questioning Climate Change, NC keeps losing business over bathroom laws -- the list just keeps growing.

But hey, you can keep drawing multi-million dollar salaries for taking a seat during the Start Spangled Banner -- at least BO approved "free" speech is still just fine!

The big problem here is that  close to 50% of the country thinks this is just fine as long as "their side" is the one that is doing the criminalizing of speech.

In BOistan, first they come for Dilbert, then they come for you.

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