Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thomas Being Replaced On Court?

About the groping allegations against Justice Thomas [With Comment by John] | Power Line:

The left is positively giddy about their prospects. They expect a Hildebeast landslide, taking the Senate and maybe even the House!!! If their dreams play out, we are likely to see a completely new era.

Why NOT have a flurry of allegations against Clarence Thomas? Trying to adjudicate the "he groped me 17 years ago" is impossible. The democrat women and the media line up and say "women don't make these things up, if she says it happened, IT HAPPENED. If you disagree, you are a misogynist"!

What more is needed? Remove him from the court and a thorn in the side of the left is gone under a cloud -- OH HAPPY DAY!

The age of the woman president is upon us -- let the women rise up and smite whomever they find to be objectionable!

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