Saturday, October 22, 2016

You Will Say What You Are Told

U of T prof told to use gender pronouns students want | Toronto & GTA | News | T:

Thou shalt speak as the political class tells you to speak.
These laws are the first laws that I’ve seen that require people under the threat of legal punishment to employ certain words, to speak a certain way, instead of merely limiting what they’re allowed to say,” Peterson said. “So the law’s put words into our mouths.”
Laws to tell you what you MUST say and laws to tell you want you CAN'T say. What could be simpler. You can't say "the N word" ... it is "hate speech".

You MUST call those who define a new pronoun by the word they request. Does this include "His Majesty"?

No doubt even thinking such is soon to be punishable. In BOistan you MUST buy health insurance! What problem is there with telling you what you MUST say?

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