Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Gay, A Woman, and a Black Walk Into Trump Tower

Trump’s First 3 Transition Dream Team Members Are Female, Gay & Black. Liberals Are Screaming. | Prntly | America's Top News Site:

The punchline? Trump puts them on his team! Isn't that a hoot?

Naturally, the coverage on this will be minimal. Have you not heard? Trump is a homophobe, misogynist,  and a racist.

How do we know that? Because TP takes words and makes their determination -- Thou shalt bow before the PC priesthood of TP, or thou shalt be labeled forever. Only the penance of joining with the beast of TP and begging forgiveness for your PC sins repeatedly might possibly return to being a "conditional pariah", but at least in Trump's case, I'm sure, not even that.

He is vermin -- his actions are meaningless. The great and all powerful TP has spoken.

But wait -- what if it actually ISN'T all powerful????

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