Saturday, November 19, 2016

Abortion, Defending Cakes

Satan can't create life, but he revels in destroying it. In BOistan, the pinnacle of his power so far is the tearing of the unborn from the wombs of their mothers in an unholy sacrament as old as Moloch. The abortionist in the linked article is very put out about being called an abortionist. At least none of the bakers that were put out of business for refusal to bake a gay "wedding" cake were ashamed to be called "Bakers".

Warren is also offended to be called by his name. He wants his TITLE to be used. My favorite answer to people that are consumed by their titles is "Well! I have the death sentence on 12 star systems!".

There are also PHDs, MDs, Pastors, etc that I have the highest respect for, and have a very hard time ever calling by their first name. Strangely, many of them WANT to be called by their first name.

Warren finds that even though he personally takes part in a holocaust now 10x that of the National Socialist one in Germany, ( 60 million plus slaughtered in BOistan vs 6 million in Socialist Germany),  he feels being called by his first name is reminiscent of socialism past and thus "chilling".

Obviously the murder of the unborn is a sacrament he takes very seriously, so to have any questions about it is a witch hunt, McCarthyism, and no doubt "The Spanish Inquisition" ... although he fails to personally throw that one in,  it seems a shame to leave it out when you are totally overwrought so I'll help him.

States can decide what drug laws they want and cities can decide to be "sanctuaries",  but Moloch must be appeased nationwide. Life must not be cared for  in any corner of BOistan, nor may there be a place where Bakers are free to follow their religious beliefs (unless they are Muslim). Thus saith BO.

Warren finds that getting a letter that names him as what he does is a really bad experience. Something like 60 million BOistani's find ourselves in the "basket of deplorables" for being racist, sexist, homophobic, ... and I guess failure to adequately respect abortionists.

BOistan is all about tacking nasty labels on others. As a Deplorable, I think I finally understand why black comedians and rappers like the N word so much.

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