Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Actually, BOistan Is Not Divided

Patrick Caddell: The real election surprise? The uprising of the American people | Fox News:

At least not if you find 70-80% of the population believing the same thing and care what 70-80% of your fellow BOistanis think.

70% of people believe that BOistan is in decline, 84% think the elites play by different rules, and a strong majority feels their kids will be less well off than they are.
"First, the American people believe that the country is not only on the wrong track but almost 70 percent say that America is in actual decline. The concept of decline is antithetical to the American experience. 
Second, for more than three centuries, the animating moral obligation of America has been the self-imposed obligation that each generation passes on to its children a better America than they themselves inherited. This is what makes us Americans. In Armada’s polling we found that a majority of Americans believe that they are better off than their parents were. But a great majority says that THEIR children will be worse off than they themselves are today. This is the crisis of the American Dream. And it is no surprise that a majority of Americans agree that if we leave the next generation “worse off” that there will still be a place called “the United States” but there will no longer be an “America.” 
Third, when asked whether or not everyone in America plays by the same rules to get ahead or are there different rules for well-connected and people with money, a staggering 84 percent of voters picked the latter. Only 10 percent believed that everyone has an equal opportunity."
The early voting looks like Trump may be the pick and all the pundits will be wrong -- as Caddell said:
The question on the table now is: could 2016 be the second such election? If it is, it won’t be for Hillary Clinton.
The elites don't report this because they don't really care that 70% of the "idiot common people" think that their country is in decline -- the elites are doing great, and they want to keep it going JUST LIKE IT IS!

What we have been looking at is a nation through a media kaleidoscope. If Trump wins, we MAY get even some of the hypnotized to see the reality of the destruction that BO wrought.

The top 1-5% have manipulated and purchased close to 50% of the public to believe that they have no personal power and must be dependent on the state -- while the top 1-5% take ever larger rewards for their "largesse" with the money of the top 50-95%.

Are 70 and 80% of the people less brainwashed than the elites believe? We will soon know, but the answer won't be a complete surprise to some of us if it goes against the elites.

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