Monday, November 21, 2016

Associational Freedom

Fashion Designers Are Boycotting Melania Trump. Shouldn't Bakers and Florists Have the Same Right? - Hit & Run :

I covered this here ... but this article names it with more specifics.
Both are examples of associational freedom—the right to make decisions for yourself about how and with whom you spend your time and energy. This includes the right not to take on a client or project that elevates, in your view, a value you disagree with.
Typically the left is all about this freedom -- as in they will avoid family members, fire employees, boycott, etc anyone that fails to agree with them. As in the case of gay "marriage", when they have state power, they use it to force compliance, thus denying freedom to those they disagree with.

Left = Control, Right = Chaos. Couple that with the fact that for the left, the ONLY consistency is that "what they say goes", and this is easy to understand. Associational Freedom for me (left), not for thee (right). Got that?

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