Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Attack By Racist Trump Supporter Injures Ten

Attack by Somali immigrant puts 10 in hospital | Power Line:

We all understand that had the Ohio attacker been even marginally a Trump supporter we would be besieged with media reports of a horrible "hate crime", and how Trump has caused a rise in hatred in the nation,  no matter the mental state or history of such an attacker.

Any possible "incident" of obnoxious Trump support gets in the headlines, like this guy, filmed on a flight using profanity and claiming that "Trump was the president of everyone on the plane". He was banned from flying Delta for life for making such outrageous claims.

Or this woman, who got irate in a store and happened to be a Trump voter. I understand that anybody that is not in an approved discriminated against group -- blacks, hispanics, women (oops, LIBERAL women), gays, trans, Muslims ..., MAY NOT feel "discriminated against". Everyone knows that all human feelings spring entirely from reason, so the idea that some Trump voter could possibly feel like they are being discriminated against beggars the imagination.

Trump voters clearly need to accept that they are an irredeemable basket of deploreables and keep very still. The woman that won the popular vote gave them that label to simplify their lives -- it is pretty hard to wear a button that says "racist, homophobe, denier, misogynist, poorly educated, Islamophobe, Transphobe ..." The print just gets too small, and it takes too long to explain who you are.

I'm not going to go back and point out lists of anti-Bush or pro-Obama / anti-Republican rants from all sorts of sources -- stages of award shows, athletic fields, etc that have gone by the boards in the past 16 years. Do I "like"  obnoxious Trump supporters? Of course not, they are EXACTLY like obnoxious Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, kneeling NFL players, anti-Trump college demonstrators ... etc, etc? No,  they come with living in a free country -- one which, at least for now, seems to have obnoxious people on both sides of the political spectrum. I tolerate them.

The point is that the Ohio attacker turned out to be Somali with a long Muslim name, so his motive is a complete mystery. "Workplace violence" seems likely. Oh sure, in some backwater conservative source we may find out in a few weeks or months that he was "radicalized", but the story is already gone. It is COMPLETELY wrong to draw any conclusions about any Muslims because they are Muslim.

OTOH, the MSM is chomping at the bit to get any story it possibly can to can on "violent and dangerous Trump supporters" -- and if they can't actual violence, they will put up drunks on planes or disgruntled customers and call them "dangerous". They have already stereotyped and labeled appropriately. All that is needed now is for a deplorable to step forward and REALLY do something seriously evil!

Hopefully the Ohio officer doesn't end up prosecuted for shooting a black man who was ONLY armed with a knife!

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