Sunday, November 20, 2016

BO Still Wagging Finger

Obama Is Warning America About Trump’s Presidency. Are You Listening? | New Republic:

If the 60 million that voted for Hillary could just imagine for a second a headline about W "warning" about BO in '08, they would have just a tiny inkling of how those of us that voted for Trump think of BO's "warnings" and "advice".

On NPR, concern can alternate between the complexity of Trump's 500 world wide businesses and the horror of conflict of interest that entails, and his glaring lack of experience.

 Even the left leaning Politifact knows that the laws they are all thinking about do not apply to the president.  Apparently Google is broken over at NPR, or this is one more case where facts are just less convenient for their propaganda. The most amusing part though, is that a couple minutes later they can lament Trumps "total lack of experience".

In '08, BO had never run anything, not even a lemonade stand as far as we know. He had been a "Community Organizer", a fancy name for a leftist agitator. Then he had a couple junior legislative rolls including junior US Senator. In 2008 we were assured that "running a successful presidential campaign is MORE than enough experience for the job of president!".  My how times have changed.

If we ever decide to become a country again rather than warring tribal factions, the ability to at least mildly attempt to think how the other 60 million might think, or to put on our "history hats" and think WAY BACK to 8 years ago, would really be helpful!

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