Tuesday, November 08, 2016

BOistan Speaks, Who Cares?

As I cast my vote for Trump today I thought back to 1976 when I voted for Jimmy Carter. I was completely confident then -- my family always voted Democrat, I had been schooled to vote Democrat and pretty much everyone on campus voted Democrat. Let's face it, unless you were filthy rich or some sort of a knuckle dragger, why would you ever vote any other way? Nixon was evil -- he was only voted in because Johnson was a warmonger. He lied -- US presidents didn't lie then, it was an impeachable offense.

Then, on March 18th, 1977, Jimmuh spoke of "The Moral Equivalent of War" (MEOW) and I bought a cat and started reading National Review. You see, the "greatest challenge since WWII" wasn't warming then -- it was the FACT that the planet was OUT OF OIL. Only idiots believed otherwise.

By 1980 I was firmly resolved to vote for a MADMAN -- Ronald Reagan, a one of least intelligent people that ever lived (Carter was a certified genius)  that considered the USSR to be an evil empire that could be defeated. The idiocy of Reagan and his "totally misled or evil" followers was a danger to the entire world. The "Doomsday Clock" ticked closer to midnight. Reagan was a complete embarrassment -- a foolish actor, a mere marionette to powerful interests that would destroy the economy and likely our very lives!

I was a lot less confident then, but I cared.

Fast forward 40 years to this AM. If someone would have told me that 40 years later I would be voting for another Republican candidate, almost as maligned as Reagan was back then, I would have asked what kind of weed he was smoking. (back then weed was illegal) In 1980, we actually still believed in amendments to the Constitution -- the Equal Rights Amendment didn't time out until 1982 -- probably the point where "The Party" (TP-D) decided that they were going to use the SCOTUS to make whatever wholesale changes they wanted without any more amendment attempts.

America was still a great country -- people worked, we flew in space -- even to the moon. We believed our children's lives would be better than ours. We revered God, American History, and I think a strong majority even believed that truthfulness, rule of law, the Constitution, hard work, personal responsibility and independence were good things. Character was important for even the common man -- demanded for leaders. The idea of a "government handout" was considered to be justifiably stigmatized -- you worked for what you had, and if you couldn't afford it, you didn't get it.

Sure, the 30's and the 60's  plus Roe V Wade had injected some serious poison into the American system, but I don't think any of us thought that America would perish in our lifetimes -- let alone less than 40 years later.

I expect Hillary to win tonight, but I'm not really watching -- I'll go to bed early and the answer will either be done or not by the AM. I stayed up all night for Bush vs Gore -- lot of good THAT did me!

We know that Hillary will "bring the country together" -- the question is just how much force she will use.

If by some miracle Trump beats the rigged system, I have no expectations. I sincerely doubt he will accomplish all that much, but potentially the movement he muddled into will bring the spirit of the Tea Party back to life and there will at least be a discussion about some semblance of rule of law, fiscal responsibility, incentives to work and grow and yes, some small measure of control of our borders. 70% of the population sees the country as in decline -- if he could move that number up to only 60% that would be a very credible presidency. Optimism used to be one of the hallmarks of America -- heck, if he got to only 60% I might think there was a chance that we could get back to over half of the country feeling we were moving forward!

I leave you with this parting video that I don't believe because this is a cynical time. It does make me wonder however -- if such a video could have been manufactured for one honest life that Hildebeast had touched, does anyone really think it would not have been and every one of us would know the story?

The fact that it exists at all about Trump and we have not read a story of how it is "all fake, lies, disgusting, etc" is at least intriguing. I certainly understand why I have not seen it other than having it pointed out to me on YouTube if it is true.

Could it be true? If there was anything remotely this touching about Hildebeast, would we not ALL be so sick of the story we would be ready to barf? Think about it.

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