Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Bottoms Up For Hillary

Bums For Hillary | Power Line:

I'm not one to object to a well formed female derrière, but I'm not certain it really makes the case for me relative to needing a female president -- let alone HILLARY <dear God, please remove that image from my mind!>!

I watched game 6 of the series, including some Hildebeast commercials. Oh, that Trump is SO embarrassing! Our children must be protected! ... Slick Willie? Stains on dresses, cigars in nether regions, oral sex not being "sex" -- oh never mind. If "The Party" didn't have double standards it would have no standards at all!

I find the image above to be a really good one to show us how "chaste" and "child friendly" the Clintons are.

Give a man a fish ... teach him to fish, show him fishnet -- oh, never mind.

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