Sunday, November 13, 2016


Slightly long, but well worth it for all the information packed into this one.

Some snippets ...

To quote the great Iowahawk: "Trump is what happens when you spent the last 7 Thanksgiving dinners lecturing your angry uncle from your Vox index cards."
From Howie Carr:

“Have you noticed how many of the riff-raff can’t wait to go in front of the TV cameras to announce in broken English that the reason they hate President-elect Trump is because they’re illegal aliens. 
Then they hold up their signs saying “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” 
Well then, of course he’s not your president. You’re from Guatemala, or maybe Honduras. 
Last night, as a public service to the viewing public, Fox News Channel started running English-language subtitles under the anti-Trump sound bites. I’m serious.”
Chosen at "random":

The Trans Pacific Pact seems to have died unborn. Mexico and Canada have expressed their willingness to renegotiate NAFTA, 1.4 million people who admitted they were here illegally and gave the government their names and addresses to apply for Obama’s Executive Order amnesty, have caught on that it’s not worth a dime and will be cancelled as soon as Trump takes office. Many are reported to be self-deporting themselves.

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