Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dowd: Her Little Basket of Deplorables

Apparently Maureen's family is largely conservative -- poor woman. She lets her conservative brother write her column every T-Day, it is usually the best one of the year. It is largely a repeat of things I've written or posed already, but I include it largely for the "poor me" sympathy plea that a NY Times columnist that meets with the incoming president and obviously gets teased is willing to make. Kevin's column is good though if you want to go give it a read.
First I had to deal with the president-elect scolding. 
During his interview with The New York Times on Tuesday, Donald Trump chided me twice for being too tough on him. 
Sitting next to our publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Trump invited everyone around the table to call him if they saw anything “where you feel that I’m wrong.” 
“You can call me, Arthur can call me, I would love to hear,” he said. “The only one who can’t call me is Maureen. She treats me too rough.”
Then I had to go home for Thanksgiving and deal with my family scolding me about the media misreading the country. I went cold turkey to eat hot turkey: no therapy dog, no weaving therapy, no yoga, no acupuncture, no meditation, no cry-in. 
The minute I saw my sister’s Trump champagne and a Cersei figurine as the centerpiece — my brother, Kevin, nicknamed Hillary “Cersei” during this year’s brutal game of thrones — I knew I wasn’t in a safe space. 
My little basket of deplorables, as I call my conservative family, gloated with Trump toasts galore, and Kevin presented me with his annual holiday column with an extra flourish. 
My colleague Paul Krugman tweeted Friday that “affluent, educated suburbanites” who voted for Trump are “fools.” What else is there to say, he asked. 
Well, here is what Kevin, an affluent, educated suburbanite, has to say in his column, titled an “Election Therapy Guide for Liberals”:

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