Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Governor Goofy Has A History Fit

Dayton’s stormy Tuesday | Power Line:

Looking at Dayton's eyes makes one glad that a governor has very little authority to do violence to others. Storming out of a meeting over Civil War paintings is indicative of the kind of "leadership" that at least managed to put both the MN House and Senate in Republican hands.  We can thank him for that.

He doesn't like Civil War paintings in "his" ceremonial governors office at the capital because they don't represent "all Minnesotans",  and when his hand picked "commission" voted against him, he stormed out to make his level of maturing clear.

The left generally hates history. It shows "heritage", it gives a sense that everything might not be about today, and the promised future "progressive" utopia. Civil War history is even worse -- it seems to document hundreds of thousands of white people giving their lives to abolish slavery while preserving a nation that was the precursor to BOistan. Best to forget both the war and that old flawed nation.

I covered Gettysburg by Sears here, and by Coddington here. I also read Pale Horse at Plum Run but failed to blog on it -- the story of the 1st MN at Gettysburg. Without the 1st MN, it is very likely the South would have won -- it could be the reason Dayton is pissed, the South was Democrat after all!

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