Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mission Accomplished, Trump Mocked Disabled Reporter

The True Story: Donald Trump Did Not Mock a Reporter’s Disability – CATHOLICS 4 TRUMP:

We all remember how W put up the big banner "Mission Accomplished" on the aircraft carrier after Saddam was killed and Iraq liberated. Small problem, the banner was the standard banner that the SHIP used when they came home from another deployment, and the deployment they were coming back from was their longest. No problem -- the media was able to bolster the myth of W's "arrogance and stupidity" for putting up the banner that he never put up. It worked for the media and "The Party" (TP-D) , that is all that counts.

So the media "has it on tape" that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. Did he?

According to the linked article, he did not. The thesis is the following:
  1. The whole deal started with Trumps claim of Muslims celebrating 9-11 in New Jersey -- the media said he was crazy, never happened. 
  2. The Trump team found an article in the WaPo talking about Muslims celebrating -- the reporter (the disabled one) tried to back away from his own story when it came to light. 
  3. Trump made fun of the reporter backing away from his own story at a campaign event and the media got him on tape. 
  4. The linked article found other examples of Trump mocking / impersonating someone on tape, and they all look the same -- apparently he isn't much of a mimic. 
Is this "proof"? No, certainly not, but I think we all understand why it is important for the media to create and maintain such stories. If we assume that Trump DID mock the reporters disability, was it somehow "important to him" or was it a "slip"? Back when BO said that his bowling was "like the special olympics", he apologized and that was that -- no big deal. But you can't do that from the right -- you can be destroyed by misspelling "potato". So even if it WAS a slip, he can't apologize because he is on the "wrong side". 

What is true and what is false in modern BOistan is completely beside the point. It is what people BELIEVE is true! 60% of the population believes that human caused global warming (AGW) is a greater problem for us and our offspring than $150 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. It doesn't really matter what the truth is -- both are predictions about the future, there really isn't any "truth" about future predictions until they are proven true or false. 

We all heard all summer that Trump would lose by a landslide, the Senate would go Democrat and the Republicans would be lucky to keep the house. Those learned predictions didn't turn out to be so correct. 

BO stated in 2012 that anyone that claimed we could drill our way to sub $2 gas was "either lying or didn't know what they were talking about" ... we've been there before, we are there again. Nobody is asking BO "Which was it? Were you lying or are you clueless?". 

We could go on, but you get the pattern. I see the left holding up the "Trump made fun of a disable person" meme as if it were some magic spell. Let's compare that to Libya and 4 dead including the Ambassador. Hillary famously uttered, "What difference, at this point, does it make?". 

One of those "differences" might be that Trump was elected. It seems pretty clear that "making fun of people with disabilities" was NOT part of the "Trump campaign strategy" (if he had one) ... so if he DID do that, it was a SLIP, like BO calling his bowling "Special Olympics". If we lived in a nation where an opposition candidate could apologize and move on, then apology would be good, but BOistan is not that place. 

While there is no way to KNOW the answer to this, it seems pretty clear that the media and the democrats are the big winners in creating this meme (just like the "Mission Accomplished" meme). Based on the work done by the linked Catholic site, I think we have pretty good evidence that this is yet another case of a media created 'Fake News".

The difference seems to be that at least part of the country is sick of it. Many of us have simply been told too many lies by the MSM and TP to listen to anything they say anymore. It is certainly true that Trump may be a liar as well -- at this point, I'm very pleased to see some new lies rather than just the same old tired ones! 
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