Friday, November 18, 2016

Myth Of The Two Americas

"The Party" (TP-D) is the party of identity politics and division. What is important to them is if you are black, hispanic, educated, wealthy, poor, Muslim, Chinese, etc. -- Their shared vision, spread to each of our groups is "The other tribe is racist, homophobic, islamophobic, sexist ... in other words "deplorable". Our tribe is good, and what is more, we will take from the other tribe and generations to come and give you "stuff". Vote for us!"

You don't hear anything about "America" there, let alone "two of them", and you will hear little about "America" or even see American flags at their rallies. Their rallies are not about "America", they are about power and stuff, about rewarding friends and punishing enemies.

As you look at all the maps show the "divisions" of America, remember that in almost all of those areas the margin of victory was single digit percentages, and even though in a few, as much as 20-30%, it was NOT "100%"! Even blacks this time shook off their chains and only voted 88% for Hillary, as opposed to the 93-97% that they usually vote TP.

Close to half the country didn't vote at all. Naturally, TP counts them as "their people", and a propensity to not bother to vote would lead one to believe that TP would be their logical home. The REAL push of the next 10 years or so might be to make voting mandatory (BO has suggested it), or SOMEHOW make it even easier, or somehow legally rewardable. TP would be very happy to directly pay illegal aliens to vote -- anything for political power!

It is in the interest of TP to destroy any shared values, principles, interests, etc that might exist in BOistan and replace them with endlessly Balkanized identity politics, making each group believe that TP has their best interests in mind and will give them what they desire -- if not blocked by "the deplorables".

Maps are ALWAYS myths, they are NEVER the territory. They are an abstract view intended to convey some meaning -- either as honest and correct as a map with VERY limited data compared to the territory itself can be, or explicitly designed to convey a message which is known to be false in order to influence you.

Pretty much all the political maps from both sides are the latter. They give the VERY false impression that the red areas are close to 100% one way, and the blue areas are the same in the other.

That is completely false. Even in thought, Americans are FAR more aligned than really any of us can feel -- TP and it's media want us to think otherwise, and the illusion is so real that effectively everyone buys into it.

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