Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Obama Lincoln, Trump Bitter

Donald Trump's team of bitter rivals -

CNN is reporting how Trump has created a team of "Bitter Rivals" around him.

In 2008, Obama created a "Team of Rivals", but it prompted the press to begin comparisons that Obama was another Lincoln.

After reading "Team of Rivals," Obama called Goodwin. The senator wanted to talk about Lincoln, so the author met him in Washington. "You really could see even then a kind of confidence and a thoughtfulness," she said of Obama. (Goodwin's book is back on the paperback bestseller list, although she wonders whether it would have caught on in 2005 had she chosen one of the other titles she was considering: "The Great Unifier," "The American Colossus" and "Master Among Men." She said she always wanted a title more poetic than "Team of Rivals," and was fond of "Master Among Men," but quickly realized "we couldn't use 'Master' because of slavery.")
The big issue in MSM in '08 after the election was if Obama would be more like Lincoln or FDR, but most thought probably greater than both.

Currently the issue is if Trump is more like Hitler or Mussolini. It takes a special kind of short memory to carry on the thought that the press is in any way "unbiased".

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