Thursday, November 03, 2016

Robbing Hood -- FICA Edition

One of the founding principles that killed America and created BOistan is that of punishing productivity and innovation while rewarding doing less work and doing work that has less monetary value. The greater the disparity, the more power "The Party" (TP-D) gains, and the less total wealth there is to transfer -- so eventually, money has no value and the ONLY remaining value is your standing with TP. They are the ones that will decide what happens to you, since the financial independence you worked so hard to attain is GONE.

They have always understood this -- it is just that they don't talk about it much. Actions however speak louder than words.

The chart in the attached article is quite interesting -- the government still thinks it is a great idea to reward single earner couples for some reason. You can make over $118K, paying in $679K, getting back $819K -- not bad!

If you have TWO earners however, at $76K, you are already a cash cow ... paying in $919K, but only getting back $839K. The worst spot to be is right around the $118K income point -- you get back $338K LESS than you paid in! A feller could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with $338K! (above that, you have more and more income that isn't taxed on FICA, so at say "250K each" (500K total), FICA becomes "noise".

One might erroneously think that TP would find women living in stable families with high earnings that are the same as their spouse to be a GOOD thing -- but clearly they want to punish it! Stable families are not one of their priorities -- and CERTAINLY not stable high income families. They might even breed little political opponents ... although since TP controls all the education which is basically TP indoctrination these days, even that seems questionable.

I'm guessing that we can understand their thinking a bit here:
Another large category of “losers,” say experts, is younger generations compared with older ones. In 2010, Social Security began paying out more in benefits than it is collecting in taxes. The decline in the number of workers per retiree from three to two as baby boomers retire is making this problem worse.
TP is pretty much assured that the largest percentage of the dual income high earners are "educated" (read "indoctrinated"), so they trust TP ... likewise, the young are HEAVILY indoctrinated these days, so it will take A LOT of pain to get them to look at what is happening to them. Perhaps it is Animal House that has the true wisdom here.

TP spends a lot of money on teachers unions to make sure you trust them -- looks like it pays off pretty well!

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