Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Should Undocumented Democrats Feel Safe?

‘I don’t feel safe’: Undocumented immigrants fear what Trump will do as president - The Washington Post:

So you have committed a felony, you have come to the US illegally, should you feel safe?

Dreamers like Quiñonez, who essentially outed themselves as undocumented, could see their protections stripped. ICE raids on factories and construction sites could begin anew. “And I certainly think we’re going to see some wall-building,” Martin said.
BO said yes, Trump says no. Why is it again that we have elections at all? BO doesn't think the Constitution matters, even though he took an  oath to defend it

Do elections matter? BO once thought they did -- but the WaPo apparently doesn't agree with him today.

Does that mean that they consider the one:, the all powerful BO to be ... dare I say it, WRONG???

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