Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Washington Post Oct 25, No Path To Trump Victory

"But on Trump TV, viewers didn't get any of this “spin.” They just got the unvarnished truth, straight from the people responsible for getting Trump into striking distance: Trump’s in striking distance. On Nov. 8, I fully expect Trump TV to say that Trump actually won. After all, Conway said they would. Unequivocally."
For 38 years now, since I began to question the MSM, I've been mystified by why people still listen to them -- now, given Trump, I believe I finally understand.


That is the key, but the element that Trump brings is that HE IS HIS OWN MEDIA.

When the WaPo is horrendously and totally wrong -- or BO is, or any part of "The Party" (TP-D), they simply "move on".  The linked column snarkly points out how "stupid" and "misleading" Trump's media is -- while they are naturally "completely truthful" and RIGHT!

But they were completely and totally WRONG! Never mind -- the readers of the WaPo still read and trust their reporting. The WaPo committed the same level of figurative outrage for an informations source as Trump would have were he to shoot someone in broad daylight in Times Square -- and as he said he would with his followers, the WaPo has gotten away with it!

So the total magic spell is "Always certain, and when wrong, LOOK AT THAT SQUIRREL!".

Both the MSM and Trump play this game constatntly. Today's media is built on !!!!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!!! .... !!!! THIS JUST IN !!!! .... the actual content is completely unimportant next to the shouting. Trump announces white supremacist for DHS!!! (Ben Carson) ;-) !!!!!

Since I've read both sides of news since '78, and believe that this life is only the pre-season for eternity, the MSM is "full of sound and fury signifying nothing". I'm firmly convinced that in order for our nation to return to greatness, we MUST build leadership with classical education that understands what the educated have understood for thousands of years:

  • It's not about me or even us  (The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God)
  • Both everything and nothing are about this moment. (right now is all we have, and it is a tiny piece of the always is, always was and always will be loaf of time) 
  • Both I and we have a purpose, and the strengths to achieve that purpose. That is meaning. 

I stand by this being the Russian Roulette election -- we chose to take a shot with the Trump revolver rather than the Hillary semi-auto. At least there is some doubt in our future -- that was the best we could hope for given the 216 "moment".

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