Thursday, November 10, 2016

The WayBack To Day After BO Elected

One nice thing about having a blog is that you can go back and see yourself 8 years ago. Here I am from 2008.

Of course the media was GIDDY ... the opposite of now, no surprise there.

The markets dropped 400 points the day after the election -- ho hum, the media didn't care and did not attribute it to BO, but rather W.

Myself --- and pretty much everyone of conservative ilk wanted him to be successful. If I recall correctly, Limbaugh wanted him to fail to be able to GET HIS POLICIES, like BOcare through, because they would be damaging -- they were, and the rising prices under BOcare were part of what elected Trump.

I don't go into in the post below, the only thing we really knew that BO was going to do FOR SURE was close Gitmo on day one and end the useless wars. Gitmo is still open, the troops are still in Afghanistan, and of course he both did and did not end the Iraq war.  Beyond that, all we really knew was "hope and change" -- but the press knew it would be grand!

We know that deficits will become huge issues again, any troops killed will be headline news once more, homelessness will likely return, and any problem anywhere in the world will instantly be Trumps fault. Oh, any thought of blaming anything on BO will or course be a non-starter -- my guess is that W is FINALLY off the hook for being responsible for all badness!

Oh, and I bet "Fillibuster" isn't "obstructionist" anymore!

Trump is the new daemon!

Happy Days, Hail BO!

It is fun to watch the media enjoy the Obama victory. I couldn't help but wonder if Colin Powell had ever run as a Republican and won, what kind of attitude would the MSM have had? I suspect it would have been a long way from the unadultrated joy they were able to feel today. They would have found it "ironic" that the first black elected was a Republican, although Lincoln and the Republican party risked it all to fight the Civil War and the Democrats presided over Jim Crow and all the lynching for 100 years. A KKK recruiter (Robert Byrd) still sits in the Senate today, however, to the MSM, it would be "ironic" if a black Republican had been the first elected!

The reality of a 400+ point Dow sell-off the day after the election was little reported. Perhaps investors didn't get the memo of how good BO is going to be for the economy?

I was glad to not hear of any conservatives thinking they would leave the country because he was elected, nor really very little in the way of ill will at all. A far cry from the attitude of a Paul Wellstone that refused to shake VP Dan Quayle's hand at a Washington function. I hope all conservatives are civil, and I expect them to generally be.

In the unlikely event that my little blog ever got famous, I'd give up the BO schtick over the President. The main reason I do it is a lot like Rush Limbaugh poking fun at how the MSM treats Republicans every day. "Dubya", "Ronnie Raygun", "Shrub", "F*** Bush", etc. BO would not want to be "BHO" since it is considered an "affront" to use his middle name. I wonder if Chief Justice Roberts will be able to say "Hussein" when he swears him in? Potentially he will have to change back to his real name "Barry Sottero" which he had for most of his childhood. Then he would be "BS", which may end up being more appropriate.

Why do conservatives tend to wish the new president well even though we suspect he will declare war on all that makes America exceptional? Simply because we are usually Christians first, Family people 2nd and Americans 3rd ... with a close 4th being some sort of profession or career that serves both our country and provides the finances so we can be responsible for ourselves and contributing members of society. Our fervent hope is that Obama and the Democrats will be successful in getting the economy growing again, even though every piece of evidence we see says that they will not be.

It is fun to watch the media. They are positively giddy. I remember so well '92 when they were beside themselves with the pure joy of a Clinton election and a Democrat majority in both houses of congress, but this is even better. I suspect it harkens back to '64 when LBJ whacked Goldwater.

How different from when I turned on NPR the morning after the '94 election and they were playing Johnny Cash ... I didn't really need to hear the results to know what happened! They were on the verge of tears -- and there was positive fear that the evil Newt Gingrich was to be Speaker of the House!

Gee, I wonder if the "sanctity of the fillibuster" might kind of change now? Remember how HORRIBLE it was that Republicans were talking about "the nuclear option" for appointments? I 'm sure the "unbiased" MSM will be 100% supportive of a Republican fillibuster now! Kind of like how big an issue campaign finance was this year. NOT!

Oh well, being in the opposition is kind of fun. Now Saint BO will need to actually deliver on some of his brilliance--that is often a bit harder than reading a teleprompter smoothly!

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