Tuesday, November 08, 2016

This Is A Different Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)!

Obama's North Carolina Speech Exposed the Folly of Crying Wolf | National Review:

I use BSOD because you have probably seen more than one on your Windows box -- typically MANY more.

On the S/38, AS/400, IBM i that I worked on, a good many people NEVER saw what we called a "machine check", and even most of them that did saw one "a time or two a year".

BUT ... sometimes there were machines that had issues, and badness came in numbers -- we would fix one problem, but another would be hit, and it looked THE SAME! Of course it did, the machine stopped cold with a red light on the console and it took a LONG recovery to get it back up.

So too especially Democrat rhetoric, for politics -- EVERY Republican nominee since at least Goldwater has been "Crazy, Dangerous, Racist ... "like Hitler". Ho hum.

National Review is in the "Never Trump" camp -- they would prefer Hildebeast to Donald because they are rather wired into the beltway and rather like the status quo. But at least they see that when you scream "clear and present danger" since 1964, including in 1980, and the world not only doesn't explode, but the economy grows and the USSR actually DOES go away, well, your credibility may be quite strained.

So maybe Trump really is "Hitler", but after BO, I'm more than ready to take my chances in case he pulls it out!

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