Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump The Sociopath

During the BO administration I speculated on wether BO may be a psychopath, the author of the column seems to think that Trump is a sociopath, but I'm pretty sure he is just mixed up.

Sociopaths have a hard time hiding their sociopathy from those around them -- they have a hard time having an inner circle of people that really like and admire them. Like BO and Hillary for example. From what we know about Trump, he isn't a sociopath, if he is anything, he would be a psychopath.

My speculation on BO was in 2014 after he had been president for 6 years. It is nice to see the NY Times being fair minded and diagnosing Trump prior to him taking office. Campaigning and governing are often different (they weren't for BO), campaigning always looks a little psychopathic.

The standard psychopath would be "smooth, no drama, very cool, always the smartest guy in the room". That sounds like someone we have had experience with -- but not so much like Trump.

But Trump certainly COULD be a psychopath -- anyone that wants to be president (or brain surgeon, or NFL QB, or fighter pilot ...) certainly has many characteristics that are going to at least border on narcissism and even psychopathy. Both pathologies lack empathy for others, lack much emotion at all, see themselves as "all there is" and lack any sense of conscience". One of the huge markers of the psychopath is that they are ALWAYS going to "get even", and they ESPECIALLY like it if it is in a way where only THEY know that they accomplished it. It isn't really very hard to look at BO relative to Hillary and wonder on that front.

What IS interesting about the column is look at what supposedly Trump thinks of BOistan:

Never had a problem with the press. They don’t get it. I’ve crashed the system. I’m using the press, every one of them! Schwartz did have one phrase I really loved in my book. He said “I play to people’s fantasies” by using “truthful hyperbole.” What he meant is I make stuff up. 
Sure. Nobody cares. They want to dream. They want a spectacle. They want gold and towers. They want me to get tough. Fact-checkers! Is that even a job?
I completely agree. The press constantly creates false narratives, and Trump used that against them -- he is using it now. The press is supporting recounts against Trump based on no evidence of any reason for a recount, so Trump counters that millions voted illegally with no evidence. If the name of the game is "no evidence required", if one side can base actual actions on the no evidence, then the other can certainly make claims without evidence! "Facts"? Get serious.

Both our leadership and at least parts of our press used to ascribe to actually being educated and caring about ACTUAL truth -- not "97% of scientists" polling sorts of "truth", but Biblical, Platonic, Classical historical TRUTH. The mass of people have always wanted to "dream, have spectacle, gold and towers" -- since Babylon, Rome with "bread and circuses". What the author of the column pokes fun at is actually the known truth of history and human nature, but he fails to realize it.

That’s easy. I know what Americans want. They don’t want truth. They want excitement, disruption. They want to be led. They want authority. They want victories. They want parades. They want a wall at the Mexican border — so let them think I really might build one! You think they’re happy with Obama’s managed decline? Give me a break!

When you take away truth, culture, values the sacred, the Constitution, the separation of powers, that is EXACTLY what you get -- raw unvarnished human nature, and it wants "excitement, disruption, authority, VICTORY"! Promise them they will have an extra $2,500 a year in their pockets and be able to keep the healthcare they have now, or promise them a wall on the Mexican border.

So as I've pointed out, we are in a dangerous place. Our "elite" doesn't know the difference between sociopath and psychopath, and is unwilling to even look it up. If the elite cared about truth, culture, history, the sacred, etc, we would have never had BO and Bill Clinton would have been impeached.

Our founders well understood the dangers of what kinds of leadership one is likely to get in an office like president, so they produced a written constitution, separated the powers and LIMITED government so the possible mischief was as contained as possible.

Over the past 100 years we have shredded that document and the separation and grown a leviathan government so massive it makes Godzilla seem like a gerbil.

Yes, we are in grave danger -- but we have been there since at least 2008, and we DID pick the only option that we could guarantee would be heavily opposed.

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