Saturday, November 19, 2016

What Would A Real Racist Have to Be Now?

You Are Still Crying Wolf | Slate Star Codex:

The boy who cried wolf is a story that pretty much every child hears and understands. On the left though, I guess it is part of "tradition", and therefore ignored. So every Republican since at least Goldwater is "Hitler", "Racist", "White Supremacist", etc, etc.

But they really pulled the stops out on Trump. At this point, if someone showed up that actually WAS a racist -- eg. went to KKK meetings (with the entire membership of like 6K), embraced the "fringe white supremacists" (maybe 50K), and who knows what ... maybe courted the actual Satanists as well? Another 20K or so. Pretty much everyone could say "well, I'm pretty sure Trump did all those things already".

Which of course he didn't. I'm probably wrong on the Satanists ... courting them might well be a boost with the lefty vote.

The column is OK, but I got tired of reading all the detail. The point is that Trump is clearly not a "racist" ... and his voters were not racist. He did BETTER with blacks and hispanics than that rancid white supremacist Romney.

Not that reading or listening to the MSM would tell you any of this, but then what the MSM doesn't tell you is WAY too much to try to read!

Losing the sense of what is "crisis", bad words like "racist", "emergency", etc has MANY bad effects on us -- it keeps the sensitive in constant high alert, and it makes the rest of the population hardened to cries of "wolf" that someday may be valid. Just not today.

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