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Women Are XX and Men Are XY

Transgender Conformity by Katherine Kersten | Articles | First Things:

The linked column is excellent, though a bit long -- the tragic story of the Nova Academy in St Paul is ignored by me here, but well worth the read. It points out that today we explain things through science that were once once fully understood by grade school children.

Every cell in the human body marks individuals as either male or female, with males bearing an XY and females an XX chromosome. Sex is not “assigned” at birth. It is identified anatomically when an infant is in the womb and then confirmed at birth. “In mammals such as humans, the female gestates offspring and the male impregnates the female,”

Much as if you declare yourself to be a cat, your body is still not that of a cat because your DNA is not that of a cat -- every one of your cells is YOURS. Not merely human, but YOURS, as it we spend lots of time with matching and anti-rejection drugs to allow transplants. Wearing a long tail will actually not make you a cat -- no matter what your other friends wearing long tails tell you. We know all of this scientifically, but part of the modern project is to reject pieces of science (the birds and the bees), while demanding that other pieces be converted to holy writ (AGW).

But we can all pretend -- a lot of things. The modern Recovery Movement has decided that "there is a higher power" (they assiduously avoid "God"), we are all here for a purpose, we have each been given unique and important strengths, and the way to live a happy and full life is to recognize this and live accordingly. They have reached this conclusion because people are dying -- in droves, from suicide, drugs, or simply giving up on life and slowly bloating or wasting away. They make it clear they are just pretending because they have to do something -- it would be more effective if they actually believed. 

Those are also things that a typical 6th grader could have schooled the modern PHDs on in 1950.

"“Hardwired to Connect” warns that American children are facing a “crisis” of “mental and behavioral health.” Young people are struggling with anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, behavioral challenges, and thoughts of suicide, all at unprecedented levels, the report’s authors say. According to one study, by the 1980s, U.S. children as a group reported more anxiety than did children who were psychiatric patients in the 1950s. The report attributes this, mostly, to the breakdown of the family and other fundamental social institutions, which has weakened moral and behavioral norms and deprived young people of the “authoritative communities” that have traditionally provided security, meaning, and purpose.

The modern project of the destruction of God, family, community and interpersonal relationships (via social media, cell phones, games, internet, etc) had already made our youth by the 1980's to be equivalent to mental patients 30 years before. These are of course issues far less likely to be studied by our "science" than say the "crisis" of Global Warming, but I can't imagine that anyone over 50 doesn't realize that today's youth are conservatively 2-3 times worse off than the youth of the '80s.

Today’s transgender crusade can be seen as the latest manifestation of this denial. It is inherently authoritarian, as other latter-day Gnostic projects have been, because it has to be. Nature and common sense oppose it. In the “Gnostic dream world,” as Eric Voegelin once put it, “non-recognition of reality is the first principle.” Critics who persist in drawing attention to reality must be discredited or silenced. Otherwise, the Gnostic fantasy world crumbles.
I don't call "progressivism" regressivism as a joke, I call it that because that is what it is. It makes knowledge once accessible to grade school children into breakthrough ideas from PHDs. What is more, the reason why this is so is also obvious to grade school level thought.

Our natural God given bodies and brains know how to accomplish carrying on our species even though the actual mechanics of it are well beyond even our most advanced science ... eg. we can't manufacture even a dividing bacteria, let alone a human in a test tube.

Similarly, our culture and traditions, which prominently included religion, naturally inculcated purpose, meaning, answers to ultimate questions like death, and structure in which to live lives in "95%" loving and meaningful ways. They worked because they had either been divinely inspired or evolved (or both) over thousands of years. Failing to pass down the "DNA" of culture is as fatal to civilization as if we declared procreation to be "unnatural and restrictive, culturally imposed".

However, our culture was not "perfect" in a regressive sense -- it may well have been "perfect" in the practical sense of "it worked nearly as well as it could". There were always children who were "different", and for some of those children those differences were sexual. There were however acceptable roles for them -- the bachelor farmer, the two old sisters or brothers that ran the farm down the road and kept to themselves while nobody asked any questions, the nun, the priest, old spinster english teacher, etc.

Certainly there was a sanction to "follow society" as there is today -- which is why all who disagree with the regressive project are "racist, homophobe ... deploreables". I believe I will henceforth just use that handy summary word. The sanction allowed 95%+ to find an acceptable way to fit in, today's method alienates half the population and causes huge percentages of youth to be effectively equivalent to mental patients of 30-60 years ago.

The problem is in the numbers. No matter how much regressives like to fantasize about each individuals "right" to "create themselves", it is simply not possible to declare yourself a cat and suddenly become one. To attempt to do so is to consign yourself to a life of frustration.

The Judeo-Christian vision, which shaped Western civilization for 1,600 years, holds that God created man—body and soul—with purpose and meaning in an ordered universe. But the post-Christian worldview fast replacing it has no place for God, and perceives no purpose in nature. Christian man has become “psychological man” and the soul has become the self, in the words of Philip Rieff. The free-floating self—unconstrained by reality—is now believed to forge its own “identity” through a creative assertion of will.

The article closes with this -- none of this is particularly new to readers of this blog, but it is well done and the Nova Academy story is a classic tale for our times.
Over time, public policy making will become impossible if new interest groups attempt to piggyback on the transgender movement’s success, as seems likely. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch now insists that schools accept a kindergarten boy’s self-understanding and treat him as if he is a girl. What happens when an individual suffering from body integrity identity disorder identifies as disabled and applies for federal disability benefits? What if a white male business owner identifies as black and seeks to participate in a federal contract set-aside reserved for minorities? What if a forty-year-old woman regards herself as a senior citizen and demands Social Security benefits? How can policy makers logically deny their claims? As we enter the world of fantasy—when reality ceases to matter—it is impossible to predict where our society will crash against nature, as it inevitably will.

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