Tuesday, December 06, 2016

$125B No Issue for BO


So the WaPo waits until after the election to mention that the Pentagon is wasting $125B ... all be it over 5 years. The only reason I'm putting this up is to remember it for when Trump is president and this sort of "buck" stops right on the presidents desk -- which is where it SHOULD! Now and then. The president is the CEO -- if he doesn't have the kind of SECDEF and joint chiefs to kick ass, and he doesn't do it himself, then you end up with this crapola.

BO never ran a lemonade stand as far as we know -- he never HAS had any clue. I'm sure that $125 B is chump change relative to the losses under BO -- not that any MSM outlet really cares.

Get ready for a whole new attitude!

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