Saturday, December 17, 2016

209 to 6 Against Trump Racism

The best left wing narratives are often the least fact based. For the left, they are ESPECIALLY good if they are mere assertions that are impossible to prove or disprove. For example, "Trump voters are ..... racist, sexist, homophobic, uneducated, stupid, angry, deploreable, etc". For all the lefts supposed love of being "fact based", it is very hard to put a meter on any of those lables and prove their truth. Thus, we are expected to take them as asserted to be true by "The Party" and it's dominant media.

So why did 209 counties that voted for a black president TWICE flip over to Trump?

Perhaps no detail illustrates this more than the number 209. That’s the number of counties that voted to send Barack Obama to the White House (and not just once, but twice), that flipped to support Trump — and overwhelmingly so.
Again, those are counties that voted for Trump after they overwhelmingly supported a black president for two election cycles. If this election was indeed a cover for empowering white supremacists, how does Palmieri explain this statistic?

The answer is that she doesn't and doesn't have to because she is spewing the TP narrative, and the TP narrative needs no supporting facts -- it is taken to be true by definition!

How many counties that voted against BO did Hillary flip by comparison. Six!

Aside from how impressive that number is, there are equally unimpressive numbers for Hillary Clinton. In fact, Palmieri might do well to heed the number six. That’s the number of counties that never supported Obama, but voted for Clinton. Yes, just six.

Logical lefty explanation for that? The Russians did it!!!!!!

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